Koti Tea – manifestation coach

What does it mean to buy a pearl? Every day example.

If you want to use Neville’s teaching to succeed in life – you need to “buy the pearl”. That’s how Neville metaphors fully accepting consciousness as the only reality in a lecture “The Pearl of the great price”.

It’s basically impossible to succeed with Neville without accepting this principle. Really getting, through own experience, that consciousness is the only reality it’s a game-changer.

What does it really mean? And how does buying the pearl will change your life?

I will show you that on my personal example, which only can seems silly – for those who haven’t bought the pearl.

Earier today I have manifested a falafel.

No, it wasn’t free, I paid for it. No, I don’t live in any falafel unfriendly place. Probably even I live in the most falafel friendly city on this planet. It’s actually weird that the only place where you can’t find it here it’s city symbol. That’s really weird.

So why it is even a win?
Buying a pearl is a life-changing thing. It’s like first sex. Like giving a birth. Like a bar mitzvah. (Choose your own metaphor). Buying a pearl changes everything. Because it’s a life altering thing. Life is a diffrent experience after that.

“If you think for one moment you can hold on to one little thing in the event this doesn’t work, you can’t buy the pearl. And so when I buy the pearl, I go all out and live by it. And there is no other being in this world, just this pearl, and I live by it. This pearl is your own wonderful human Imagination.” – Neville Goddard

What is the pearl? It’s Knowing/Experiencing/ Accepting for REAL with ANY exceptions that consciousness is the only reality.

NOTICE: What is consciousness? Consciousness is the total sum of your assumptions. All that you believe is true. All facts. That’s all sums up to consciousness. And there’s only one consciousness – YOURS. (That implies A LOT).

There’s only one consciousness. Yours. Period. (If you still think that everybody has it’s own. And there’s something like collective consciousness -out there- and if you still think that there are things that you aren’t conscious about – you haven’t bought the pearl.

There is only one consciousness. Your. Period.

That’s why my falafel it’s a win. I imagined it and then I ate it.

If you have bought the pearl you know that you run this show. If you have bought the pearl you know that the whole life is your manifestation, If you have bought the pearl – you know that living is manifesting. If you have bought the pearl you know that everything is possible. (And you’re not interested in what’s possible… You’re just making your dreams rock-solid real)If you have bought the pearl – you are making it about you on an autopilot. And so on.

Earlier today, before work. I have passed by a nice falafel place. And I was like „yuuuum”. I felt it real without planning it. But I NOTICED. And I didn’t reverse. So it was done. Since then it was a natural – obvious thing for me that falafel’s for lunch today.

I nailed it on the spot.
Then it felt like „I have to” get it today. / Like it’s already decided. / Like „something higher than me” wants me to buy it ./ It felt like a done deal./ It felt like the most natural thing to do.
So I went there and I bought my falafel. Not really because I wanted it. Not at all because I wanted to – wanting was a secondary thing. I mean I wanted it, of course! And I enjoyed it as well! But the reason for both – for wanting and for enjoying – was the imaginal act. That I experienced it BEFORE in my consciousness.

Our free will ends on choosing a state.