Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Shadow questions are what you need to SUSTAIN your manifestations.

Last week I took a lonely hike in the mountains and asked myself the WHY questions.

I love my WHY questions. I know everything in our life, all habits, preferences, and choices have their causes we can realize by asking WHY?

(hey! but it has to be a GENUINE QUESTION, not like this weaponized “why me” complaint).

During my lonely hike last week, I asked myself many WHY shadow questions during that hike.

Starting with Why I went hiking wearing basic sports shoes when I had professional hiking shoes in my closet? And it was not to feel like I failed because I bought myself those hiking shoes to … hike. That was 3 years ago and I used them only twice.

I asked myself why I wouldn’t throw away this ugly t-shirt. And I hated the answer. You see…

3 years ago I was slim, fit, and had amazing endurance. Using manifestation to look better and physically glow up was one of the first things I did to myself. I had AMAZING RESULTS and started wearing only silk, cashmere, and linen.

And then I made the worst mistake of all – I stopped imagining being the fit, pretty, expensive-looking me too soon. And because I had those results for too short I didn’t even notice when my state went back to “I’m fat” ESPECIALLY that being fat and my overeating habits served so many roles in my life.

I love you all, and I love my clients, but sugar overloads were the easiest coping mechanism I could use in between coaching calls with a client going through a breakthrough.
(100% of my long-term clients cried at least once on a call with me. Big AHA moments and life-transforming moments of truth need tears.)
This job I do is hard.

And you know what? I’ve been 12kg lighter since April, but no one has noticed yet. I’m still fat. But after that lonely hike, I’m ready to speed things up.

My ugly shapeless clothes link to my weight loss failure. I mean buying big nice clothes feels like giving up. (This doesn’t make sense when I type it, but this absolutely showed up in my feelings)

And back to my clients. You have no idea how often it used to happen that someone was booking a call with me wanting to hear the perfect affirmation. Because “I am a manifestation coach”. Since I look bad it doesn’t happen anymore that someone decides to work with me without knowing what I teach and what I stand for. It’s like my ugly clothes are a filter for next-level clients. And I love that, but not the clothes.

NOTHING is in your life “just like that”, everything the bad things and the good ones have energetical reasons to it. You know you have the answer when asking another “why” doesn’t make any sense for YOUR experience.
ex. I drink black coffee because my grandma drank it this way, and having the same habit makes me feel her presence years after she’s gone. Asking why she drank it that way doesn’t make sense for my experience, for hers maybe, but not for mine.

And when you know what’s really going on in your life – you have the power to change everything FOR REAL and for good.

My first try at using manifestation to lose weight failed because I focused only on the weight without addressing anything beneath it. This couldn’t last.

Stay tuned for “manifesting weight loss” content coming.