Koti Tea – manifestation coach

To manifest money NEVER imagine just money.

In February 2019, I bought my first coaching program for $7, and it felt like a lot. I really struggled financially then. In September 2019, I bought one for $97, and then that was “a lot I could afford.” In February 2020, I bought a group program for $300. In October 2020, I invested $2k in 1:1 coaching. In March 2021, I was able to invest $6k. Then it continiued…

I used manifestation to quantum leap my financial situation.

In 2 years I went from $7 being significant in my budget to $6k not being a stretch.

All due to my imagination, the law of assumption, and mind-rewiring work.

Yes, my income has multiplied. BUT I was NEVER imagining just making more money.

I was imagining living a different lifestyle, the one not being limited by the lack of finances. I was imagining doing and enjoying things that needed me to have more money to be able to do and enjoy them.

👉 I didn’t need money to just have them. You don’t need money to have them. You want money because it brings possibilities.

💣 The key to manifesting more money and quantum leaping your financial situation is to (in your imagination) start living the life you would be living if you had the money already. This. Not the numbers. You can’t feel into numbers. But you can feel into concerts, bigger homes, more free time and wearing Tom Ford perfumes.

I started low with a grocery shopping scene in which I didn’t need to pick the cheapest food but was buying what I liked without checking prices. It’s because I was poor when I started and not needing to have a budget for produce from discount stores was my actual desire then. And my scenes kept changing as my financial situation kept changing.

Manifestation helped me to redo my whole life.
You can do this too. It’s your turn.