Koti Tea – manifestation coach

BTS of completely transforming my income with manifestation. How I went from having a tight budget for food to financial well-being:

This DID NOT happen overnight. Results weren’t visible right away and when they were visible I could still wonder if something was happening for real or if it was me being delusional.

There were ups and downs on this journey. Mostly because shadow work and somatic work with emotions are pretty recent in both my practice and teachings. Haters say I started “evercomplicating” I know that if I knew then what I know now I would be in a completely different place.

From start to undeniable fully visible results, it took me 2 years.

Observing the movement and other success stories kept me going.

In 2019 I was broke AF. I didn’t want money, I desperately needed it. That’s a difference.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t good advice on manifesting money out there then, so I had to learn everything myself.

I started by following Neville Goddard’s advice on imagining what implied I had money and that was then less thinking about money (I mean n constant worrying about how I’ll pay all my bills).

During abnormal moments of stress, it’s hard even to say what you want because you have not had enough for so long that now all you can think about is the pain to be gone. That’s why you fantasize about having a million dollars.

I focused on imagining my situation a bit better. My main scene for SATS was grocery shopping without checking the prices.

My first results were “invisible money”, a very cool phenomenon when numbers stay the same, but their “capacity” grows. My salary stayed the same and I didn’t have any additional income. Still, in an unexplainable way, I stopped struggling so much and even started buying plants or having adventures outside the city. (I LOVE manifestations that don’t have any logical sense. They’re pure proof this stuff works!)

I was also slowing myself down…

I also played with finding money on the street. I had a lot of fun with that. (But! after a whole year I had manifested this way 17 euros. The worst invested SATS of my life.)

After a while, I added a new scene for another desire: drinking coffee on the balcony while reading my clients’ testimonials.

This was MY perfect scene. (If you were a part of the SATS challenge last week you know why you shouldn’t copy that.)

I had a day job back then that made me have my coffee in a hurry at work and I wanted something different.

And you see, there was a time when I was a tarot reader and loved it. I had to stop after I realized tarot is only a tool to limit our possibilities. I missed working with people and helping them consciously shape their lives. I knew my perfect job would be about helping people. But back then I didn’t have any idea I’ll become a manifestation coach 2 years later.

And I followed the bridge of incidents that was getting manifested.

Entering a new state of being/ rewiring your mind for new beliefs to produce new reality ALWAYS gives you wishes, ideas, thoughts, and push to take action. I was taking that action. I was listening to podcasts about business and started a blog, now kotitea.com where I shared my thoughts, explanations, and results on manifestation. My coaching career was born out of that.

And I did not give up.

In February 2019 I bought my first coaching program for $7 and it felt like a lot.

In September 2019, I bought one for $97, then that was “a lot i could afford”. In February 2020 I bought a group program for $300.

In September 2020 I quit my day job and started coaching full time.

In October 2020 I invested $2k in 1:1 coaching.

In March 2021 I was able to invest $6k.

In March 2021 I was making $5k/mo and had a major self-sabotage moment because my unconscious and nervous system couldn’t catch up with the quantum leap.

This journey took 2 years and had ups and downs.

If could know then what I know now I would do much differently. Soon I’ll share with you how.