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Are you manifesting money in a loop? Here’s how to exit it and always have money to pay your bills.

Are you great at manifesting money? I mean do you do a lot of it? Like this month you’re manifesting money to pay your bills and last month you were manifesting to pay your bills and…

Or are those money to buy XYZ?

Ah, and stuff for free. Do you manifest stuff for free?

It can be fun… for a while.

But do you maybe also struggle with anxiety and stress?

That’s no surprise there.

You treat manifesting money like doing your dishes. It’s a never-ending story.

And the way you’re doing it: it will NEVER end.

Do you know what solves the dishes problem? More dishes and a big washing machine.

Because if you have only one cup (hurray minimalism!) and a sink, then I bet your hands are dry AF. Or you’re using your cup dirty and pour coffee in when there are still tea drops. That’s bleh.

Now, if your finances are limited, you end up denying yourself a lot of stuff. (And what’s common, overspending on cheap stuff. That was totally the past me.)

You manifest money to pay for stuff and money to buy stuff and stuff for free. That’s a lot of manifesting! All are based on one feeling/ state: I don’t have enough.

Meanwhile. There’s a different way:

more same-sized mugs and a dishwasher, meaning:


Instead of manifesting specific amounts of money, (I see this advice out there a lot = be specific with a number = and it’s a BS AF! Don’t. Do. This.) manifest financial freedom.

👉🏻 WHY do you want to manifest money?

👉🏻 WHAT FOR do you want money?

Isn’t it to buy the stuff and services? Oh, why do you need the stuff and services? Isn’t it to use and enjoy your life more? So don’t you want to just always have the finances to buy whatever you need?

TRAP HERE: If you think now “ok, so I’ll manifest a million dollars” it’s not the way. First, it’s still a limited number. And it truly isn’t that much in today’s world, it will last you a couple of years for living the lifestyle you have now. But you don’t want to keep that lifestyle, don’t you? You want a bigger house and a better car and travel and…

Second, you’ll have the problem of “how to feel it real for having million dollars.” You will struggle with this. And you won’t succeed.

So what to do instead?

👉🏻 in your imagination, start experiencing a life of financial easiness. Imagine bills not being a concern a lot.

👉🏻 Imagine never worrying if your card will work.

👉🏻 Imagine going to the store and getting whatever you like without calculating the prices.

👉🏻 Imagine having zero interest in free stuff.

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