Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Change your life for good. Here’s how to.

It’s another January, and you’re determined to change your life. You want real love, more money, business expansion, quit your day job, get pregnant, get healthy…

Under your goal is that yearning desire to feel happy and fulfilled in your life instead of sensing that void inside you…

And it’s not the first time you decide to manifest your goal. You wanted it last year and the year before and… It takes so much energy to hold yourself back from doubting and giving up…

POWER SHADOW QUESTION: Do you feel doomed and broken for not being able to get where you want to be?

Did you feel something when you read that question? Was that like a tension somewhere in your body? That’s where your body suppresses your emotions/ energy connected with failing. And because this energy is stuck there, and as long as they’re there, you’re a failure magnet. (oversimplifying here)

1️⃣ Place your hand on the part of your body where you feel that tension. You can just keep your hand there. You can massage, tap, or press that spot. Be present with emotions that show up as you do this. Open your heart for them. Continue until the sensation fails.

Repeat if needed.

2️⃣ And the fun part. Think about all the past moments when you decided to crush and achieve your goal in the past. Revise these moments to feel like you did it then. (Revision doesn’t have to be logical, so yes, you can imagine you did something 5 years ago 2 years ago, and yesterday, all for the first time. You do this for your unconscious, and it doesn’t speak logic anyway)

Are you now like: “Koti! That’s good, I felt a shift, but I need more!” Get “I want my life to change FOR REAL” training.