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You are too old to “just decide” something will change for you and get the result.

You are too old to “just decide” something will change for you and get the result.

I know it’s a popular teaching on TikTok, and listen, if you’re in your teens or early twenties – my post is not for you. If you’re very young you might have great results with just deciding something has to manifest and get great results. But if you are 30+, 40+, 50+ LISTEN UP.

My client J. who’s in her 50s, came to be saying that 17 years ago she manifested her husband by decision only. It was the time all of her friends were getting engaged and married, and she was single and getting desperate.

That’s why the moment she read about “commanding things for the Universe” in one of the esoteric magazines, she wrote “I decide to meet my ideal partner, get married and start a family” on a piece of paper she later burnt. One year later she was already married and pregnant with her first son.

Only since that major win, all she could decide to manifest were free parking spots, stuff for free, or small unexpected cash wins. And those are all great things to manifest, which also kept her believing in manifestation. Only she wanted something way more from life. So she hired me.

Every time you experience something new or learn something, neural pathways are getting created in your brain. They’re responsible for your behaviors and reactions. That’s why and how you have habits, automatic reactions, beliefs, and repeated experiences.

BUT the experiences that count and trigger new neural pathways to get created don’t need to happen in 3D. They can be completely mental, or imagined.

Manifestation, (the law of assumption style = experiencing your desire in imagination) changes your brain. Literally!

  • If your certain manifestation failed multiple times… your brain will make it fail again.
  • If you were never able to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions… your brain has a record of failures and is set to repeat that pattern.
  • If you are struggling financially your whole life, you can’t “just decide” to become rich. It’s because you have a “poor brain” set to keep repeating patterns that keep you poor.

But this all doesn’t mean you can’t change that. You can. And it’s easy if you know how.

The older you are and the more certain experiences you have / the longer you are repeating certain patterns, the more set this pattern is in you. Then you can’t simply decide to change and do nothing else. Then you have to decide & and proactively do something to change that.

And that something is revision.
Revision is the law of assumption’s method that allows you to change and create new neural pathways in your brain all by mental experiences.

Revision changes your life experience = revision can transform you into a new person.