Koti Tea – manifestation coach

How to stop balding with manifestation? Manifest Beautiful hair

You’re balding. Your hair is thinner and thinner… Finding a partner is a nightmare and you didn’t get a job again. You’re imagining your hair full, but it doesn’t work. WHY?

You have to JUMP OVER the problem. You have to JUMP OVER the balding.

Whatever problem you have, no matter if you want to manifest something (make it appear in your life) or unmanifest something (make it disappear from your life) the thing you want to change with manifestation is your… BEGINNING.

But the problem fixed ISN’T THE END.

This is the mistake I see you making over and over. You get stuck at the beginning. Is balding the problem? Ok, let’s try to imagine my hair being thick and beautiful.

Sounds about right, right?

Surprise: It’s not. That’s why it doesn’t work.

Here’s what it looks like to manifest healing balding by imagining your hair thick and strong:

  • You look in the mirror in 3D and see the bald spots. This makes you miserable.
  • So you go into your imagination and see your hair strong and thick. Ufff! What a relief!
  • You open your eyes and there’s this mirror again. You see blind spots and start doubting.

You continue on this battle with 3D for a couple of weeks or months until you’re so exhausted you can do only one thing. Say that manifestation doesn’t work.

But it works. Only you used it wrong.

Especially that it’s NOT balding that makes you suffer!

She says: “my condition influenced my whole life: how men treat me, the job opportunities…”

And THIS is what’s it really about.

Ask yourself honestly, what was first, the balding or your issues with men and jobs, feeling like there’s something wrong with you.

This won’t be true for everyone, but this might be true in this particular sense. Because you cannot forget about this one thing: balding is already a manifestation.

And I bet you were never imagining your hair thinning. You rather felt any variation of “I’m not like I should be” and because Universe constantly gives you profs of what you assume TADDADAM you’re balding.

If you struggle with anything similar ask yourself: what’s manifestation is it? Everything in your life is a manifestation. And all manifestations are answers to your assumptions/ states.

Balding is here to be blamed. But it’s NOT what you should be imagining to get rid of this.

Because what do you blame blaming for? For scaring guys and jobs away…


It is really thicker hair?

Meaning that, if Gold Fish would offer you now: “I’ll turn you into Shakira, but nothing else will change. Guys will still not want you and you’ll stay jobless.” Do you take it?

You probably don’t take it.

Because sure, you want beautiful hair, but you have a reason for it. You think that thick hair will open the door to love and career opportunities. And this is your end.

And this is what you should imagine. Imagine yourself in a great romance and a job you love. Skip the hair thing.

Jump over the problem straight into the reality you LOVE.

The reality is that’s a consequence of your problem being fixed.

And you’ll be surprised what will happen to your hair without you doing much to change them.