Koti Tea – manifestation coach

1st rule of manifestation: Don’t add in waiting!

I remember having that one manifestation that I was assuming is impossible and will never happen.

That’s the exact reason why it wasn’t happening.

But instead of noticing that it was all because of my assumption, I was like “ok, so I give myself 2/4/8 weeks to persist and if still nothing happens I’ll give up”. (lol, by “persist” I meant “repeating techniques”. That’s not what persistence is. It’s unwavering trust.)

And then I was setting one of the countdown apps to know until when I have to keep looking for signs in 3D.

I have NEVER manifested ANYTHING that way. This is a recipe for failure and please do not try it yourself

Your desire doesn’t need a deadline, but an assumption.

(If your desire has an outside deadline to it, ex. it’s an exam you want to pass, or a date to pay bills or put a deposit or anything like this = it’s middle, “condition” so you can get what you want. Your true desire is on the other side of this deadline, focus on your true desire, and all middles will be automatically taken care of.)

Always assume your desire is yours ALREADY. That doesn’t mean “already manifested” it means “destined for you”. This is so different than “intending XYZ to happen before the certain date.” And also so different than sacrificing your mental stability to pretend that something not real is real.

Don’t wait. (But also don’ t pretend)

Your 3D manifestation will be made of the energy you need to embody before. Do you want a partner? You need to feel loved first. Do you need money? You need to feel wealthy first.

That’s why instead of obsessing over getting 3D manifestation always start by asking yourself WHY & WHAT FOR you want this.

ex. wealth

Why & What for you want money?

is that to remove financial stress from your life and invite financial freedom, you dream about buying that dress and …

Ok, it’s early morning and my creativity is kinda still sleeping. The thing is everybody wants wealth, but also everybody has their own unique reasons = actual, specific desires that go as a group name “wealth”.

Unpack your desires for experiences, feelings, and daily stuff.

If XYZ is manifested, what does your life look like and what do you do with it?

See, that is also how you find your scenes that imply your desire is fulfilled.

And who knows, maybe some of the things you think you have to wait for to enjoy till after XYZ is manifested are available to you already?

If you wait till you have more money so you can quit your job and start painting again?

You can totally start painting now.

Don’t put your life on hold until XYZ manifests.