Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Nothing can stop your manifestation. Manifesting a cat study case.

A client asked me this week: “Koti, did I destroyed my chances to manifest my desire by doing xyz?”

And I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a question like that…

LISTEN, NOTHING CAN STOP YOUR MANIFESTATION. Ok, one thing can. YOU assuming it’s never going to happen. But still, you have your desire and feel a lack of it. You can somehow “get ok with that” usually with a help of some crazy spiritual concepts aka “it’s my karma to die lonely with cats only”. But nothing can erase your desire.

You can or assume and manifest or ignore and suffer.

There’s no third way. Sorry.

Seems like you also can’t start desiring something you don’t want. My dad wanted me to be an engineer and I couldn’t make myself wanting the same. And once I dated this guy who seemed like a fit, except I didn’t love him. Again, I failed trying to make myself in love with him.

I have more stories like that, but I’m also sure you have yours.

Your desire is your’s forever

Maybe you have heard me already speaking that our desires are our divine orders. If I want something = I should / have to have it. Wanting = being destined to.

Sounds crazy, it’s a completely different perspective than needing to earn the desire from God/ Universe by doing and being a certain way, right?

A few months ago I wrote about it using the food metaphor. Because here we are doing it (unless there are any dietary or medical conditions on the way), desiring pizza = a pizza for dinner. Simple as that.

I am manifesting this way and living this way, knowing that if I know something = I will have it. Why? Because I always assume my desires as already mine.

(I call what I do having a Manifesting Mindset and I do have a 1:1 program with that with currently open spots.)

This way I manifested my new Berlin flat, where it’s told it’s so hard to find one… I found the perfect one. Watch me moving in October.

This way I manifested my Russian Blue cat. And let me tell you that story because it’s a great manifestation study.

Manifesting a cat study case

It started when I was 5, with a desire to have a cat. But because my parents said no, I assumed a no.
We got an aquarium when I was 7, but an aquarium is not a cat.
Then I got a hamster when I was 9, but a hamster is not a cat.
Then we got a dog when I was 13, but even a dog is not a cat.

It was said that I can have a cat when I’ll an adult. So I believed in this condition. (I bet you know that too, thinking that you need to first obtain XZY to then have GHJ.)

I don’t remember when my dream cat started to equal a Russian Blue, but 9 years ago when I was a total law of attraction follower I had a Russian cat toy. It was actually painful because every time I was looking at this toy I was reminding myself that I don’t have one.

But foremost I wanted simply a cat. And it was so frustrating as it’s “just a cat”. I watched my friends having them and I was like “why can’t I?”. I know you know this story. Finally, at the age of 26, I let myself assume it’s time. I applied for adoption. I didn’t get the cat, and then got my perfect half-breeder named Samsara. (But no one ever uses this name).
Here is the full story of me manifesting my first cat. Make sure you read it for a bigger picture.

And this year, this month I manifested a second cat. An actual full-breed Russian Blue. There was a friend who had a friend who had a Russian Blue breeder and… The bridge has unfolded so smoothly that I can say “don’t even know how it happened”. It “just happened”. I simply knew for a while that there will be a second cat and that it will be a Russian Blue one. And here it is.
No, I didn’t get the kitten for free. I paid for it. But it was easy, I don’t even notice 1k from my account transformed into a furry cat baby.

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I manifested my dream cat 25+ years after I got the desire. But the actual manifestation took only a few months (between the assumption and the manifestation), those years were wasted for finding excuses, (“I’m too young to have a cat”, “I have a wrong lifestyle”, and then what gave me another cat first “buying animals is wrong” and of course “I can’t afford an expensive pet.) Don’t be like me. Assume your desire today and let it manifest.

PS. There’s a stock cat on this picture here. I’ll replace it as soon as my kitten stops being so fast and I’ll have a good picture of him. Jump on my IG stories to see my animals jumping around my apartment.