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States and Superman. One more time, what is a state?

You keep asking me what is a state. So I keep explaining.

What does it mean to be a cat? That means (for me) independence and goddesses, purring, rubbing against the legs, and meowing.

It’s known that actors in acting school get silly exercises like “show us a cat.”
And actor plays, behaves, sounds, moves, and is seen as a cat. So the audience sees – a cat.

That’s embodying a state.

Superman’s state

I like Superman movies. So many actors played Superman and Clark Kent before! And all their Supermans were different, so I can ask you now, who’s your favorite Superman? But still, every Superman is always a Superman. Superman is the state/ identity.

And have you ever thought why Clark’s disguise was so effective? Common it is just glasses, and no one ever figured out that Clark and Superman are the same person. (Even Lois, he needed to tell her.) But he is just wearing the glasses! Glasses!

So you probably already know. It’s the state.

It’s not the glasses. No one could believe that a clumsy and calm reporter is, in the same fact, a confident superhero. So even if people saw the physical alikeness, they ignored it. Clark is beyond suspicion of being a Superman even is everybody see they look the same.

Superman is a state. Clark Kent is a state. And they both belong to the same person.
So what’s the state? It’s your identity, self-concept, and the role you play in an aspect of your life.

How to change the state?

How to change the state? By experience from another state. You feel it. For many, that experience gives them doing the technique like imagining the scene. And in the scene, they see/hear/do something – have the experience. For Clark / Superman, that was putting on and off his glasses.

I know we talk about fictional movies here, but we do that too!!! So many of us are so different at work and with family. That’s us in 2 different states. We’re different with money and different with relationships. That’s us in 2 different states.

Do you know someone shy and quiet with strangers, but they reveal the expressive, goofy side around friends?
That’s the same person in 2 different states.

Because of course, in our daily life, no one lives from Superman’s or cat’s state. We live from business owners, victims, wives, fitness freaks, and so on.

Do you remember yourself as a geeky/ rebel teenager? You’re no longer like that. That was a state you changed for good. You’re different while single and different while in a relationship.

What is the state?

So what is a state? It’s your identity – role you play – self-concept – the way you’re seen – the way you see the world. The state determines how you think, what you want, what and how you react to.

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