Koti Tea – manifestation coach

How to stop fantasizing and manifest your desire into 3D?

You’re imagining your desire every day and nothing’s happening. Why you don’t have any results?

If you’re fantasizing you’re living another life in your head. You’re constantly editing what you feel, see, and experience to keep yourself in the delusion that your life is different.

And the moments when you’re confronted with your actual 3D reality are painful. You want to escape from it as far as possible. So you edit more, you kill your mind with affirmations, or do anything like that to stay in the delusion.

Your fantasy has many details, you know exactly who, what, when, and where. And it’s so pleasant playing in your head! You hate leaving that fantasy, so you avoid certain things (people, places, topics) to not get reminded it’s all not true.

+ time is passing and nothing’s changing in your 3D

The difference between those two is BIG and WIDE.

When you’re fantasizing/ daydreaming you’re escaping from your life.

When you’re manifesting you’re creating your life.

Manifesting is NOT fantasizing.

And living in a fantasy can actually… block you from ever manifesting your desire. You don’t want that.

So how to not fall or if you’re already there, how to get out of the fantasy trap and manifest in 3D?

Here it is: Think about your EASIEST manifesting wins. Those that make you like “wow! I just wanted it and it’s here!”. Do you see a pattern in all of your easy manifestations?

Was it: noticing a desire – feeling how it would be – going about your day and getting busy with your life – boom manifestation.

Think coffee. Would you love a cup of that aromatic drink?

Hmm, did you just feel like the taste of it on your tongue? Did you imagine that taste? IT IS DONE THEN.

Maybe just now you’re about to take a break from continuing with this post to go to the kitchen and make yourself a cup. It’s happening and your 3D body taking action is your bridge to full manifestation.

Maybe it’s late now for you, so the “divine timing” is not now, but you will have your coffee in the morning. It’s happening and your 3D body taking action is your bridge to full manifestation.

If that’s an “in the morning” option, will you fantasize/ daydream about a cup of coffee for the whole night?

Or would it make you crazy? Would you be able to sleep with your focus on “I want coffee, but I can’t have it now?”

Ugh, that will be a struggle. But if the situation is “normal” then it will end with your cup of coffee.

BUT if you’re me, a coffee addict in Beijing in 2015… and there’s no coffee unless you find Starbucks somewhere… it’s an extra struggle.

With a lot of fantasizing, a lot of Starbucks chasing, and a lot of trying stuff that (there’s a shadow of hope) can be coffee replacements.

If you’re manifesting you are noticing and assuming the desire and then letting it manifest. You know the “how it will happen” it’s not your concern. You know the end result and are here to watch it unfold.

When you’re manifesting you’re not delusional and not scared of being confronted with 3D. Your desire is not in 3D yet, and that’s ok.

When you’re manifesting you’re also living your actual 3D life right now. You know it’s changing so fast!

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