Koti Tea – manifestation coach

How to manifest your materialistic desire? The power of following your desires.

I SWEAR by following your desires. Let me share with you two stories:

Following my desires story 1:

It was early 2020 when I got OBSESSED with the Swarovski angelic bracelet. Back then I struggled financially and had the worst idea to go about it: a no-spend year. Just two weeks into my planned yearly project I saw it online – an angelic bracelet.

And I felt like I’d DIE if I didn’t have it. ofc I couldn’t afford it…

I couldn’t stop thinking about that silly bracelet. And it was uncomfortable AF because I knew it was all about a BRACELET. Just a bracelet. I was angry at myself for this obsession, but couldn’t stop it.

And finally, I asked myself “Koti, but WHY do you want that specific bracelet so much?” One question was enough to make me realize it’s not about a bracelet. It’s about financial freedom. I realized I wanted to be able to get myself what I wanted when I wanted.

And my tight financial situation back then was hardcore on its own. My idea is to put a “no spend year challenge” and deny myself all the treats as a self-torment. I imagined having that bracelet from a financial freedom perspective. I imagined owning it and wearing it like it was not a big deal.

… I got the bracelet 2 weeks later. Never stopped imagining wealth. I dare to say manifesting Swarovski’s angelic bracelet made me thousands of dollars.

(Now all my long-term 1:1 clients get these bracelets from me as a symbol of the power of manifestation and the power of following our desires.)

How to manifest your materialistic desire:

step 1: ask yourself WHY you want what you want. Why do you want that specific bracelet? What do you think will be transformed in your life by the presence of that piece? What will it let you do? You have a picture.

step 2: Turn these little things you want to experience into manifesting scenes and experience them in a relaxed state (SATS).

step 3: get curious about how it will happen. Your manifestation may unfold in the most crazy/ unexpected way.

Following my desires story 2:

In 2022 I got a weird idea to get a drum. I never played any instrument before, but this urge was so, so strong. (Thank you Swarovski bracelet!) this time I was already able to get what I wanted so I went online and got one.

(Yes, I didn’t ask myself the “why question”, buying was the one step manifesting there.) And started drumming like crazy. It felt so good and was so addictive!

I released YEARS of suppressed emotions and past trauma this way.

I didn’t know how it would end, but here I am teaching you about trauma, the nervous system, and somatics. Following the desire to get that drum catalyzed it.

Following your desires is transformative AF, so if you feel this out-of-nowhere urge to learn Japanese or … get a bracelet DO IT.

If you easily have the money/ time do it right away.

If that’s not that easy or the desire seems bizarre start with asking yourself WHY you want it. This desire is pointing at something, what is that?

It’s worth finding out.

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