Koti Tea – manifestation coach

What do you truly want?

To start receiving more you have to allow yourself to WANT more. As long as you have only that one thing that makes you go “I have to make that happen or I don’t even know what” – you remain stuck.

I used to be a Tarot reader asking the Universe for answers. Until I woke up and realized:

  • Pointing my finger at ideas I have on my life (loving partner, high cash business, etc.) and crying I don’t have it DOESN’T WORK
  • Staying in a hopeless mentality and only waiting for something good will happen to me DOESN’T WORK
  • Magical thinking and wishing that repeating a sentence or truly anything like that DOESN’T WORK.

And when I realized it, I started checking in with myself:


(This question needs something more than caps lock)

All because I was tired of hitting his head through a wall chasing a partner that’s taller than me, 10k months, and that one friend to apologize.

And I started asking myself WHY, why do I want that so much, why this, not something else, why this specific vision I have i so attractive?

What I found was:

  • A vast of traumas that I wanted to be repaid for

(My high school friends never enjoyed my company, so now I want my clients to constantly want something from me because that makes me feel needed and important, and … hello burnout!)

  • A vast of ego shortcuts 

(If my guy won’t be higher than me that’ll mean my relationship is “less”, because all the women want their partners to be taller, right? (And who cares (apparently definitely not me, lol) that young Prince is my number one wet fantasy)) Soooo weird after I unpacked it.

  • A vast of someone else’s wants that I projected on myself

only because I want to be seen as the cool one… (Don’t even know which example to choose).

As I started getting to the core, to what are my actual desires = my life changed. I stopped being an egoistic addict of approval and started being the goddess in my own life,

(Yes, this is egoist to goddess transformation)

Goddess means self-conscious, loving, loved, anxious attachment free, obsessive thoughts free and, a master manifestor. I manifested the love, true friends, a beautiful home, and even that purebred Blue Russian cat I dreamed about since I was 6.

Manifesting everything I wanted started with understanding what I truly wanted. And then understanding how my brain operates, and then combining that knowledge in super effective law of assumption scenes.

And then I put everything I know about manifestation and specifically the law of assumption into my signature POWERFUL AF program. (You can join the POWERFUL AF here using this link.)


Let’s have that talk, what do YOU truly want?

I know you want to be loved, healthy, rich, and happy, which everybody wants.

BUT what is that relationship you dream about? How fit do you want to be? Is that “normal healthy”? How rich do you want to be and what do you want your life to look like?

THIS ☝️☝️☝️

When I was writing this email to you I drank my tea from a porcelain Christmas cup with a Christmas car on it. That’s my favorite cup that truly makes me smile when I drink from it. It’s so lovely + drinking from porcelain is exceptionally pleasant.

Christmas car is my favorite Christmas motive I adore every style, Scandinavian minimalistic, red & green, gothic, whatever someone can think about. I always like it.

I’m full of specific likings and desires. And so are you. 

This whole “knowing what you truly want” goes deep into your daily life and these “stupid” daily things that you do or use all the time. Because you can be just slightly disappointed with everything in your life that sums up to big dissatisfaction… 

There’s a saying that the joy is in the little things. It’s misleading, because one, you have to have your big needs and desires fulfilled first, and two, those cannot be any little things. They have to be yours. Like my Christmas car cup.

What is your heart calling for?