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Power of a very special GRATITUDE list

Thanksgiving. If you’re not American or Canadian, you probably don’t celebrate this day. But initially, this celebration is about thankfulness. Gratitude. And that has power, but only this genuine one.

We are continually changing and continue fulfilling our smaller and bigger wishes. And we often miss our own manifestations. People tend not to see what is obvious. That also applies to happiness. We tend to stop noticing it when it gets normal.

Neville Goddard + making lists usually isn’t a match

But today I want you to make a very special gratitude list. Think about all your manifesting success stories. About things and people in your life that make it special. Things you love in the world and yourself.

People rarely celebrate themselves. Even I have that. After one success story and automatically want another and more and… But this way, life is missed. Because there always can be more. And you know what? Always will be. But looking to the past and honoring where we are right now is life-transforming. 

Because no matter what’s happening. No matter what is happening, maybe there’s some mess that you’re experiencing. It is not so in every area of your life. Focus on those areas of your life where it is better than it was, where you have your success stories. Yes, that can be even cooking.

Don’t do that

Please, don’t write on the list things you are manifesting. I know some people teach that, “be thankful in advance”. Also, don’t be thankful for some crap. You don’t want it. Don’t push yourself to feel thankful for loneliness and debts… But here, really notice the amazing things you manifested ALREADY, that are present in your life now. Notice them and honor them.

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