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Self love and Neville Goddard’s teachings

“Always start with the self-love” that’s the most known Neville’s quote ever.

Or is it?

No, it’s not. That quote is obviously fake and I just made that up. And self love is a crazy, unnecessary idea. That… makes most of the people suffer. Why? Because it can be so hard to love our selfs… It’s so, so hard to learn self love… And you know what?

Self-love is bullshit. What do you really, trully and deeply want? I guess to feel loved, happy and fulfilled. So stick to Neville to make it easier

A long time ago, on the blog of mine, who thankfully no longer exists was that post… The favorite, most read one – How to love yourself.
I was a self-love expert. Seriously. And I loved myself. Honestly.
I loved myself and it was a toxic relationship.

There’s no “self” to love

And here’s why:
I don’t exist. You don’t exist.
What we are is God experiencing life. The consciousness wearing states – identities – selves.

Think about you from a few years ago. Were you the same person or you would rather say you were different, you were someone else?
The thing is you don’t exist as a constant. What you experience as you are a bunch of states you’re wearing now. And sure, you can fall in love with the misery you are now. Same as you can take an abusive guy, keep imagining him like that and love him deeply even if he punches you every single day. Sure, why not?
When you change your states – who you are changes. Your SELF changes. I experience this so many times on so many levels.

State is an identyty. So state is a “self” of yours.

I assure you… If you think you lack self-love it means that you’re in the state that you dislike. You have a “self” that you don’t enjoy. The thing is that state – that self isn’t the whole and the real you.
I used to have a few states – selves I didn’t enjoy. For example, I was fat. And I loved that fat me. But you know, I kept being fat. The clothes I desired weren’t fitting me. My body wasn’t as strong as I wanted. But I loved my imperfections. AND I LOVED THAT ONLY BECAUSE I SETTLED FOR THAT. I WAS THINKING IT CAN’T BE ANY OTHER WAY. I kept my unwanted state and put a love on it.
You can’t change it? Then accept and love that.
Or skip this crap and move in imagination. Change your state. Choose different experiences.

It’s not Neville

If I think about it like that, self-love is not only not Neville concept, but it’s in oposition to what Neville taught. Self-love is about loving and accepting the unwanted, the desire for something else. While Neville taught that our desires inform as about the God’s will.

“The God speaks to us throught the medium of our basic desires” – Neville Goddard

You CAN’T possibly love yourself. Because you are love, you are consciousness, you are God. And God is love.
You are a consciousness wearing states. Then if you feel like you have a problem with your “self” – you have a problem with your state. Change it! CHANGE YOUR STATE. That’s all. That’s it.

What do you want instead?