Koti Tea – manifestation coach

How to imagine for fast success? Make it about you! How?

It’s a typical mistake to make your desire out there. That thing I want to achieve to make me happy. Or that thing that makes me happy. Two different tenses – same mistake. Making my manifesting about something else. Not about myself.

What’s the difference?

If you make it about a thing, a person, or an event, you are like an unknown actor who is happy to act in THAT BIG PRODUCTION!

If you make it about yourself, you are THAT ACTOR who makes a production significant and already successful.

It’s about the feeling. About your already successful.

Extraordinary or yours?

How is it for an unknown actor to act in that big thing? Exciting. Extraordinary. Scary maybe. Big and new.

How is it for someone with a big name? Normal. It doesn’t mean that it’s not fun. It means that it’s obvious. It’s what that person does.

And that’s how you want to feel about your desire, that’s it’s normal for you, ordinary and familiar.

Do you want to manifest a loving relationship? Feel that it’s your normal. Feel that you have been in one for a long time already. It’s great, but also ordinary. It’s your everyday thing.

Do you want to manifest money? Feel 100, 1000, or 10 000$ as not a big deal. What does it mean expensive for you now? Imagine that money not to be a big deal.

Golden rule: Always make it about you!

When you make it about you – you being, you having, that’s a game changer. You’re no longer focused on things, but you discover that you are the source for everything in your life. That you already have it anyway even if you can’t see it. And then magic happens.