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How to believe your manifestation is real before it’s manifested?

How do you believe your manifestation is real before it’s manifested? The thing is: you don’t have to.

ex. when manifesting a job you don’t have to believe you already have one. That’s not achievable and you’ll always struggle if you think that you do.

How do you manifest calls from your girlfriends? Do you have to be delusional that you’re talking with them now or just ended talking with them? Of course not. Because talking to them is natural, probable, and expected, for the state you’re in. That’s why the states are everything.

You don’t manifest what you believe in. You manifest what your state is.

Your states automatically manifest for you all the things that are natural, logical, and expected for the state you’re in. Here doesn’t matter what you want, wish, or think. All that is secondary. What matters is your state.

Anything you actively want to manifest is not a part of any of your states. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need to manifest it actively. It would be of of the things that “just happen” for you.

Let’s talk about this using an example. Let’s say you want to manifest starting your business and getting fully booked. I know my people in Wealthy Leap will be watching this.

Now, any of your BIG manifestations can be divided into 4 phases. (big manifestation = manifestation that requires you to change your state.)

4 phases of manifestation, (none requires you to believe your manifestation is real).

  1. You have a desire to start a coaching business and make it thrive. This desire is an invitation for something new in your life. This invitation feels like a lack, so you notice it and do something about it.

2. Getting rid of the pain you don’t have that business yet. Getting rid of that pain and starting to feel that booking clients is probable, natural, and expected is everything you need.

To get rid of that pain you have to discover what is your desire, what is your WHY behind wanting this manifestation, and start imagining daily bites of that reality, that’s when you have to feel you have that 100%

3. Staying curious about how it WILL happen.

4. Manifestation.

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