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Neville Goddard’s “Isn’t it wonderful”. Is it about the joy and being happy?

Is Neville Goddard’s “Isn’t it wonderful” technique about feeling good? And how to use „Isn’t it wonderful technique” to really succeed?

Neville talked about a few techniques, the „isn’t it wonderful” aka „lullaby method” is only one of them.

First of all, what are Neville’s techniques created for? To manifest? Not exactly. Manifesting is an automatic process that takes place all the time and every second based on the states of being you are in. STATES. Our states are manifesting themselves.
Neville designed his techniques to help us get into our chosen states.
And all of those techniques can be reduced to „imagine what implies that what you want is already an accomplished fact.”

Imagine what IMPLIES your dream is true.

„To imply” isn’t really an everyday expression. I guess for myself, I started using it when I got to know about Neville. Commonly we use imply’s synonym that is… MEAN.

Neville tells you to imagine something that means to you that your dream is true.

It’s all about meaning. The first step is to know that things don’t mean anything on their own. Second, that all the meaning comes from within. You decide what means what. And you’re blessed if you know that if you have imagined something that MEANS it is true.

What is Neville Goddard’s “Isn’t it Wonderful” about?

No difference with „Isn’t it wonderful”. It is a technique in which you feel something that means something to you. “Isn’t it wonderful” is about feeling an emotion that implies/ means that what you want is true.
Very simple, and very effective. It can be used to manifest both, specific wishes (like having a new car) and more general wishes (live having a great day).

“Isn’t it wonderful” aren’t magical words.

Neville Goddard’s “Isn’t it wonderful” technique isn’t about these exact words and repeating them. Here comes mixing in BSC, all in white with glitter shoes.

„Isn’t it wonderful” isn’t about words. It’s never about words. Nothing in common with affirmations. (I am personally using a scene for that technique.)
It’s about feeling an emotion that means something. Neville lets us use any sense we want to FIR, can be touch, can be seeing, can be hearing, can be feeling emotions.
So no, it’s not about words. Walking around and repeating „isn’t it wonderful” will make you frantic and probably nothing more.

Don’t affirm that phrase. It won’t make anything.

Neville Goddard’s „Isn’t it wonderful” isn’t about feeling generally happy or staying positive all the time.

You don’t need that to feel happy all the time or stay positive all the time. And truly doesn’t want that. (Because most people don’t know that, but ignoring your unpleasant emotions and thoughts almost always leads to getting stuck.)

And if you do, then you not only haven’t bought the pearl but you also haven’t left the grocery store yet.
If you want to „just feel happy” or „feel generally satisfied” first of all, you don’t believe that you can manifest what you truly want.
Do you want to be happy with what you have? Sorry, but that’s technically not possible. You see, first of all, you don’t have anything at all. You just experience manifestations that come from your state. Not really your state even, the state you’re in. It’s like being in France, you’re there, you taste cheese, and you see the Eiffel Tower when in Paris, still, you don’t own the country. You can move at any moment.

And second, I tell you from my own experience. We are changeable. The way we look, our level of success, the job that we have, the job that we aspire to, the music we like, the food we like, people who we love – everything, literally everything comes from states. A few months ago I had a success story, thanks to Neville I started liking and eating tomatoes that were awful for 30 years of my earlier life. We can change everything in ourselves except our desires. We can fight with them for years or decades, we can suppress them, but they will be still there.

Feeling generally happy is not Neville’s technique. It’s Abrahams.

NOTICE: Neville talks about feeling all the time. He wrote a book called „Feeling is a secret”. But he never talks about feeling good. All he talks about is feeling that.

Neville: Feeling that (what you want is already true) is the secret.
Abraham: Feeling good is the secret.

Almost the same, right? Almost makes a BIG difference.

Praise the Lord, because I have a grade in Science of Religions and Philosophy. That makes me see structures ;P (not a joke)

Neville and Abraham are based on different paradigms. They don’t describe the same thing in different ways as some think. They describe DIFFERENT Universes. (I mean Tolkien’s and Marvel’s level of difference.) For both of them, life is something else. Let’s see that in detail.

Let’s compare Neville’s and Abraham’s approaches:

Neville: Creation is already finished. Anything you can think about already is and you must only give it life by feeling is as already real.
Abraham: everything’s vibrational. Asking about something creates it in your Vortex, and when it’s there you need to get into vibrational alignment with that thing to attract it into your life.

In real desire language:
Neville: I am already an owner of the silver Lexus UX that I want. Everything I need to do is to assume that I already have that car. That’s because I already have it/ all creation already exists.
Abraham: The silver Lexus UX that I want is in my Vortex. Now I need to get into vibrational alignment with that car to attract it into my world.

Neville: my consciousness is the only reality and I am the meaning giver of everything
Abraham: Vibration determines how the thing is charged. Things can be low vibrational or high vibrational. Low vibrational means “bad”, “negative” and “broken”. High vibrational means “good”, “positive” and “healthy”.

NOTICE!!! Abraham makes a difference between high = positive things, emotions, and feelings, and low = negative. It means here, for Abraham things and feelings have a meaning already attached to it! But not for Neville!!! Neville doesn’t talk about vibrations because they don’t exist unless you make them up!

In a real desire language:
Neville: having debt means you have a debt. You imagined it and it’s yours. /If you feel sad you feel sad. You imagined something that implied your sadness. To change that image differently.
Abraham: having debt means your vibrations are low. You feel sad because your vibrations are low. Having low vibrations keeps you away from everything that you want because you aren’t in vibrational alignment. Low vibrations keep you away from joy and happiness. To change that increase your vibrations.

Neville: To manifest your desire give it life by assuming it’s already true.
Abraham: To manifest your desire increase your vibration

How to raise your vibrations? By making yourself feel good. Feeling good is highly vibrational. How to do that? By looking for good sides and good aspects of what you have already. Be thankful for what you have, it’s essential to have more. If you aren’t thankful = you have low vibrations = you’re screwed.

Neville again: Things mean only that that you make them mean.

Do you still want to be „just generally happy”? Read again.

One more thing: Neville lets you discover yourself as God. For Abraham, you can be a Harry Potter in the best case.

Feeling good is feeling good. Nothing more. It won’t make magically your life better. You can be poor, fat, lonely, and feeling honestly happy. Yes, it’s possible. I was manifesting this scenario for myself for a couple of years.
Abraham’s method doesn’t work. The sad joke is that sometimes while thinking that you’re doing what they say you can by accident do what Neville teaches. And then you’re super screwed. You tried something, you think it worked, but you can’t duplicate it. And then you struggle, and struggle, and… yep, it was also me. And then I was saying that „LOA is hard, but works”. Oh, sweet baby Jesus…

And you know what? Feeling good won’t give you your dreams manifested, but giving life to your desires will make you happy. It works this way.