Koti Tea – manifestation coach

How to manifest easly and fast?

Do you want to manifest easily and fast? Then skip manifesting middles and fixes.

One of the purposes so highly marketed by me questions why?& what for? you want what you want is to easily spot middles and fixes.

Middles and fixes aren’t your desires. Middles are anything that you think is a step forward/ needed for you to get what you want later. And fixes are adjustments to your 3D situation. None of that is your true desire.

If you want to manifest money to then buy a jet, money is the middle. That means manifesting it will be a struggle. Why?

It will be nearly impossible to assume it as done and go into fulfillment. Why then?

Because having money is still not having that jet. Manifesting money doesn’t make your desire done.

+ there’s a trap with manifesting middles. We often go for them, because they seem easier.

“Seem” is a keyword there.

And then what you end up doing is figuring out how to make it happen in the 3D instead of allowing it to manifest.

Do you want to have more magical, wow!, out of thin air manifestations? Then stop going for middles!

If your job sucks and you want to manifest getting a promotion because you think it will be better with better money…

Then you’re trying to manifest a fix. And that just sucks.

It’s like putting more chili powder into your days-old takeaway so you can still eat it. Just throw away that crap and get yourself something fresh, ok? Something that you truly want.

What’s the most asked manifesting question?

it’s 👉 How to manifest that?

And the problem is, it doesn’t deliver the answer. Why? Because the real question is

👉 What do I truly want?

You can be a lifetime busy manifesting what society thinks you should want, what your mam thinks is good for you, fixes and adjustments for your situation, stupid shit you manifest only to prove yourself manifestation works, but you’re never done with that part and…


You see, Neville Goddard once said that our desires are the way God uses to speak to us, and tell us what to do.

So that means if you crave a family is because God wants you to make some babies.
And when you want to be rich is because God thinks you will do something very cool with that money.

This sounds egoistic, hedonistic even. Like, HOW COME?

I started living this lifestyle a few years ago. I was also skeptical at first. But then I noticed. This approach makes my life better and me happy, and that goes to making the lives of those around me better and happier.

I know it sounds weird to you. I was also raised in a struggle culture. But isn’t it worth checking yourself?

Starting with…