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The feeling is the secret. What’s the feeling of the wish fulfilled?

If you haven’t read my previous post on this topic, read it first to avoid confusion. Feeling that Neville Goddard talks about isn’t an emotion, but the knowing that we do already have what we imagined. But today let’s talk about in from a different angle.

Begonia maculata

Maybe you already know from my Instagram, maybe it’s new to you, but I live in a small jungle. Meaning I have a lot of plants. This whole thing has started about 1,5 years ago from a desire… You see I always loved plants and since I was a teenager I was trying to keep some houseplants. They were always dying no matter what I was doing… I guess you already know that I was imagining for myself being terrible with plants.
Then I started to move around from country to country and from city to city, so I wasnt really have conditions to keep plants. Often I was just sharing flats or even rooms with other people. It wasnt the environment for plants, so my desire seemed inactive then. By the way, many people keep doing that to their desires, they do everything to shut it down.

But 1,5 year ago I finally got a proper flat and enough space for some houseplants. But I wasnt thinking about it especially, I didnt even remember anymore that I used to dream about house plants. After so many years I totally forgot about it. But my desire remembered. And that’s how I saw it. Begonia maculata. Amazing plant with white dots on the leaves, they look like painted. I got obsessed around this plant. Seriously. I needed to have it! I was already familiar with Neville then, so I did a proper session around my begonia and imagined watering it.
Then in my life started showing up plants, beautiful and exotic ones. I found myself buying them or receiving them as gifts. It took a few weeks and many other plants for my begonia to appear. One day it was waiting for me in a flower shop nearby. And when I took it home, found it a place in my collection and looked it… that was a time when I realized what exactly I have imagined…

Feeling is the secret

The feeling as the context behind your scene. It’s impossible to feel just „I have a house” or „I’m in a relationship”, those are facts and facts aren’t feel-able.

And while imagining my begonia, I haven’t felt „I own this plant”, no I felt proud of my plantS. And for that wish to be realized I needed other exotic plants on my window first, so begonia showed up as a crown in that collection.

I want him! It must be him and no one else!

Last December I killed my begonia. Funny story, because now I know the exact mistakes I made. On one point its leaves started drying and falling and I did exactly everything to speed up this process. I totally lost my proud plant mama state and went frantic into feeling that my favorite, my special one is dying.

On the internet, there are thousands of articles and videos about the proper care of begonia maculata, but then, from my frantic state I wasn’t able to find any. And I killed my plant.

Nearly all of those of you who want to attract anything specific into your life do the same thing. You actually imagine not having it. You imagine him/ her/ that special house during your sessions and truly feel that he’s not there… or you feel happy with him during your sessions, but when it’s over and you open your eyes you only see that it wasn’t true and a person you love isn’t present in your life.
Or that you don’t live in your chosen home.

Don’t feed your hunger

Don’t feed your hunger is the most important rule in manifesting. That’s why Neville taught us to imagine what implies your wish is ALREADY FULFILLED.


That’s serious. Go into the feeling that what is now your wish is already normal. It’s not your wish anymore, it’s your daily experience now.

What is that feeling of your wish fulfilled?

Do you want to be married? So your wish fulfilled is knowing that you’re a wife to love of your life. As a wife, you can feel any emotion. But you know that you’re a wife.

Do you want to be married to HIM? So your wish fulfilled is knowing that you’re a wife to love of your life. You don’t have to imagine him. I recommend you to NOT imagine him or anyone at all. Simply to not feel your hunger and feeling of „he’s not there”. Go to the satisfaction, go for being a wife to the love of your life. Make it only about you and your total satisfaction. He’s already inside of that feeling… Do it, especially if you’re imagining him and only him for months or even years… I know some of you do that. STOP, that’s not the way. Do you think that only him can give you true happiness? Then your wish fulfilled on him being with you is not him being around. It’s your true happiness. It’s you being loved and amazed in relationship.

Feeling of your wish fulfilled is the feeling that you’re now what you want to be. That doesnt mean joy and excitement. If you have your dream car for one month already, are you excited about it? For sure you love it, but you know it’s your car. It’s obvious. It’s on the driveway.
And again. Do you dream about a blue BMW? You don’t have to make a session about owning a blue BMW. Imagining owning the car you love is everything you need.

Imagining the wish keeps you away from the state of your wish being fulfilled. Keeps you away from satisfaction and doesn’t let you go for other wishes. Like when you imagine being pregnant, that still doesnt mean that you’re a proud mom… so many things still can go wrong from that point…

But imagine being proud of your kid(s). Being amused. Imagine being a mom… and everything is taken care of.