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Speed up your manifesting results with skipping middles.

I start most days with a movie. You see, I’m not a morning person. Yes, of course, I could change that with the use of manifestation, join the “5 AM club” and so on, but I don’t want it.

I manifested a job and a lifestyle that allows me to sleep longer.
MORE. In that job, I mostly work with people from the US, and they want me to be available during their day. That’s my evening as I’m based in Europe. So if I would decide to start sleeping earlier and waking up earlier, something would need to shift in the way my business work.

Anna’s struggle to thrive shitf

I talk about it because recently I worked with someone, who wanted to start waking up early. She said that that was her desire.

She wanted to be in the 5 am club.

Ok, but when we talked more about it, about WHAT FOR? (my favorite question) she wanted that, it got clear her waking up early was a middle.

She wanted to be successful and satisfied with her career. That doesn’t necessarily go together with waking up at 5 am. And then we worked there. And things started shifting for her very easily.

That’s ALWAYS the case when you understand what is that you truly desire and go directly for there.

Now… if she would never decide on 1:1 coaching, maybe she would get it on her own or not. Fixing on 5 am, judging herself based on if she made it to get up at that time or not… And completely missing the point of what’s it really about.

And what if her job would be like mine and doesn’t go well together with being up early? The joke is, that was the case for real. She’s a single, self-employed woman. It doesn’t matter at all if she’s up at 5 or at 9.

Manifesting middles keep you stuck.

Let’s brag and say I’m pretty successful. I wake up after 8, drink coffee or usually two, and watch a movie before I even check my emails.

But maybe for you, starting your day a few hours earlier would make a difference. The 5 am club movement was started by someone who succeeded with it and it got popular because it helped people. It might help you. Or not.

The middle is anything that appears as a method/ step toward / condition of you getting what you truly want. Getting a promotion to be financially secure is a middle. Losing weight to be attractive is a middle. Winning a lottery, making million dollars, or going for a date with that one guy, not mentioning receiving a text – those are all middles.

Because the real question is what do you truly desire? When you read “waking up at 5 might help you” what did you think about? You want that to help you with what? That there is your desire.

What is that you truly want?

Lately, I enjoyed the show “Lucifer”. It has a few good life/ manifestation metaphors.

One of the main characters is Mazikeen – a demon, restless middle chaser. It’s the most dramatic character of this show, I mean, wow, this girl is never happy, never fulfilled.

In season 5 her goal is to get a soul because as a demon she doesn’t have one. She has a “because – the real desire”, and the joke is, it’s pretty clear. She desires intimacy with others, deep relationships, and genuine love. The soul is what she thinks will give her that.
Meanwhile, to get her soul she betrays, cheats, and hurts people she cares about.

That’s what you do when you chase middles – you miss the whole point of what your desire is. It’s like you want a promotion at work to have more financial freedom and spend more time with your family and doing hobbies. Meanwhile, you spend all your time at work, put everything for later, and ignore your family to get that promotion. That’s not only a middle but a huge miss.

The problem is … that’s a popular approach.
That’s why I focus on teaching to always get clear on your end, the true desire instead of chasing middles…

And spoiler: After God himself refused to help Mazikeen to get her soul, she grows one as a result of her relationships with friends. She got her middle when she dwelled in her end.
That’s also more than a common thing.

That’s why let me ask you one more time:


and if you don’t know/ have a hard time answering that question/ know but have no idea how to go about it = it’s time for us to work together.