Koti Tea – manifestation coach

I changed my tastebuds with manifestation. You can change anything about yourself.

My first BIG, BIG, BIG life-changing manifestation success story was… eating tomatoes.

The story’s silly, but the pain is real. You see, I used to hate tomatoes, they were making me nauseous. And no, remówing them from my sandwich/ salad/ wrap was not an option as the taste was still there.

In my teens and twenties, when I started going out with people this started to be a real problem. You see, it wasn’t only tomatoes. I was vegan. That meant no meat, no dairy, and no tomatoes for me. Good luck finding a place to eat. It’s the 2000s and you’re in Europe.

The number of times when I ordered a salad, asked to get it without tomatoes, got tomatoes in anyways, and not been able to eat my meal looking like a weirdo not eating next to someone enjoying their meal? Way too many.
Bonus points if I was hungry.
Extra bonus points if that was a date.

I was lucky if I got overpriced pieces of dry lettuce.

So in my teens and twenties, I made several attempts to force myself to eat tomatoes. I was getting one, cutting it into pieces, and then sitting and looking at it like I was 5… only I was the parent saying “No cookies until you finish your veggies.” That never ended well, still, I tried that method of “I’ll force myself to ease it until I’ll get used to it” many times as that was my only idea.

My manifestation process and SATS scene I used

So when I finally heard about the law of assumption, shifting states, and changing myself, I had to try this concept in my relationship with tomatoes. I never wanted ever to need my going out the mantra of “without tomatoes please” again.

And I did it.
There was this falafel place where I used to take takeout from on Fridays. My visit looked the same each time, each time they asked me what veggies I wanted, and each time I asked for a sandwich without tomatoes. I used this moment in my SATS scene:

The guy asks me about the veggies and I tell him to give me everything they have. And then see him packing my sandwich with tomatoes.

Normally, if they made a mistake and started putting tomatoes into my sandwich I would rush to remind them. But in my scene I imagined myself being cool about it. I didn’t simply imagine asking for all the veggies and seeing them landing in my food. I felt into that it was a norm that happens each time. Like I never had a bad relationship with anything red.

I repeated that scene for 5 days straight and on the 5th day I felt “inspired” to try it. I strongly felt that was the day to eat some tomatoes. So I went to my favorite Imbiss and ordered a sandwich with all the veggies, including tomatoes.

Then I ate it. Just like that. The fun fact is, that the tomatoes tasted like always, but this time weren’t disgusting. It was just a tomato.

I have eaten tomatoes since that day, and it’s been over 5 years now. I need to admit I’m still not the biggest tomato fan, I won’t grab one and eat like an apple, but whenever it is inside any dish – it’s absolutely ok.

What’s cool you can use that same law of assumption process to change any annoying tendency in your life, you can use it to stop being always late, stop overspending, or start liking cold showers, getting up early, or hitting the gym.