Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Manifestation will NEVER “click for you”. So how it “clicked” for me?

spoiler: It didn’t.

Manifestation has never clicked for me. I did not simply wake up one day having all the answers.

It was a process of getting everything bit by bit. Being honest with myself when I noticed something doesn’t work. And then testing.

Is it that what I’m doing doesn’t work yet and I need to keep going?

Is that because I am doing it wrong?

Is that because it’s simply stupid?

and finding the answer.

and doing this over and over again.

so actually…

If you knew all the ideas I ever had, all the techniques I tried, and all delusions I’ve fallen for before I figured it out, you would be now rolling on the floor laughing.

It’s not being “smart”. It’s an experience. It’s winning with autoimmune disease. Turning around the victim mindset. Breaking free from programming to struggle with money. Healing post-miscarriage guilt and shame. and the rest of the unsexy things I’ve done.

Manifestation will never click for you.

And for sure it won’t happen from consuming content and other people’s stories.

This can give you inspiration, ideas, and motivation. And that’s a lot. But way not enough to transform your life.

Learning how to manifest is a process. And it’s not the process because having a win takes time. It’s because manifestation needs you to change your whole mindset, how you think, how you assume, how you perceive reality, and how to make plans. EVERYTHING.

Most people see manifestation through the lens of techniques aka “do this X amount of time”.

And that’s not what manifestation is about. Doing rituals/ techniques, doing it a certain way, a certain number of times – it’s magic.

Do this work? Yes, it works if you believe.

Magic works because manifestation is a paradigm. What you believe to exist, exists… So magic, rituals, and relying on techniques is a manifestation, but rather kind of. It’s manifestation as much as preparing instant soup. is cooking Technically, yes. But in practice, you’re no chef.

Manifestation isn’t a rule, it’s not the law. It’s how everything works. You believe it’s the thing? = It’s a thing.

This makes manifesting not only possible but inevitable.

Then the real question is not “How to manifest?”

The real question is “How to I believe in what I want?”

You see, what manifestation truly is, is an explanation. Modern physics tells us that everything is energy that changes depending on how we look at it.

Manifestation is the answer to why your life is how is it. It’s because you believe certain things are real for you. And the only reason why they are real is that you believe.

If you just heard about manifestation, you’re said to try it by using whatever technique.

And it almost always works.

Because that’s microscale.

It’s easier to believe that on Friday your coworkers will dress all in pink, but harder to assume they all always dress in pink.

And how come it “cliks” for me?

I’m not interested in one-time wins anymore. I stopped a long time ago.

I don’t want to manifest a lottery win, a text from an ex, or a plane ticket discount.

I’m only interested in changing how my life works. How my “it’s always so” looks like.

You can use any technique to have a quick manifestation win. But transformation takes inner work, self-reflection, deep feeling, deep thinking, and willpower aka persistence.

And it doesn’t happen overnight.

It was not overnight for me.

Before I truly got how manifestation works I had many beautiful and mind-blowing wins. I manifested living in China for a year. I manifested my first cat. I manifested a 2-month long trip to Iceland. I manifested “the perfect guy”, an SP hitting ALL the criteria on the list I made. I healed myself from an autoimmune condition.

All these wins I had while in the process of learning how to create my reality.

And also, most of these wins had a “BUT” to them. Like rats and racism in China or no chemistry and no relationship between me and this guy who seemed so perfect and liked me.

Powerful AF

Last year I launched my signature program, POWERFUL AF. It’s your guide on how to go from clueless and inconsistent results with a “BUT” to them to geting how it works and getting all your most desired manifestations.

But you know what? POWERFUL AF actually sucks. First, you have to pay for that program. But still, nothing will change just after you pay. Then, you have to actually do this program. This part sucks even more. You have to watch the materials and then put your new knowledge into practice, so it becomes YOUR wisdom, not just something Koti said. But the choice is you do this, or it never clicks. (I mean you practice, it doesn’t have to be inside Powerful AF, but odds are it will be way easier and faster with this program).

How long are you searching for that missing piece of information that will make manifestation finally click for you?

It’s time to stop searching. That missing piece is PRACTICE.

Do you want to save yourself all this headache from figuring out what to practice? Do you want to get manifestation as fast as possible?

Get inside of POWERFUL AF and start your transformation today.