Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Do you want to have more magical, WOW!, out-of-thin-air manifestations? Then stop trying to manifest less than you want!

I will be asking you over and over and over again:

Why do you want what you want? What for you want it?

See, those questions aren’t there to help you talk yourself out of going for what you want. I’m sad some of you try to use this tool this way.

Asking yourself questions Why? What for? questions about your desire serve a few purposes:

a) easily spotting “samples” and fixes

These aren’t your full desires. Sure you want it, but you want it ALSO. “Samples” are anything that you think is a step forward/ needed for you to get what you want later. And fixes are adjustments to your 3D situation. None of these are your true desire.
Best example? Desiring to get a text from someone. From what I’m sure about, it’s never a true desire, because you won’t be satisfied with just a text. You want way more.

If you want to manifest money to then buy a jet, money is a sample. That means manifesting it will be a struggle. Why? Because it will be nearly impossible to assume you have money for a jet and go into fulfillment. Why then? Because having money is still not having that jet. Manifesting money doesn’t make your desire done.

And another thing, there’s a trap with manifesting samples. We often go for them, because they seem easier. “Seem” is a keyword there. And then what you end up doing is figuring out how to make it happen in 3D instead of allowing it to manifest.

Do you want to have more magical, WOW!, out-of-thin-air manifestations? Then stop trying to manifest less than you want!

If your job sucks and you want to manifest getting a promotion because you think that job will be more bearable with better money… Then you’re trying to manifest a fix. And that just sucks. It’s like putting more chili powder into your days-old takeaway leftovers so you can still eat them. Just throw away that crap and get yourself something fresh, ok? Something that you truly want.

b) making manifesting about you

Finding and embodying the ideal state of being that will manifest for you your manifestation. So instead of trying to chase things as permission to be someone and feel something, you start with embodying being who you will be as a result of having your manifestation in your life.

c) understanding your needs and unique desire, so you know what makes you happy and fully alive

Your mind likes shortcuts. That’s why it always makes you aware of what your 3D manifestation should be. But 3D manifestation is an iceberg of your desire. You always want a bigger picture, not a text, but a relationship, not money, but a more pleasurable life, etc.

That’s why you end up disappointed if you push for manifesting that one specific thing no matter what. Then you kind of get it… but it’s not it.

Or you don’t even get it, because you’re busy manifesting less than you want like in the examples from this post.

No surprise understanding your desires will be a hot topic during the “Make manifestation click for you and get anything you desire” masterclass.

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