Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Manifesting health. Can you do it without a medical help?

Three pillars of freedom:

  1. Our free will ends on choosing a state. We can choose what, but no how.
  2. We manifest like we breathe, non-stop.
  3. Our manifestations unfold most naturally, so we can question if that was really us who caused them.

(Notice, point 2 and point 3 together are inseparable.)

Ok, Koti… but what about surgery? How’s that connected.

War zone in manifesting

Manifesting health is often overcomplicated. We often imagine health and step into the healthy state (and state is what’s manifesting), then that state decides to go to the professional, and… we reject it because it’s not “magical” enough.

(There’s a separate wish to live a magical, miraculous life.)

When you’re hungry and you imagine food, you don’t expect it to fall from the sky, don’t you?

When you imagine food, you accept that there will be bridges. Someone will cook for you, you’ll go to the retaurant or cook yourself. And that’s how the food will be manifested.

But with imagining health, oh, that is different…

From one of my very first spiritual workshops years ago, I remember a woman, blinding painter who wanted to see again. And then she heard about eye surgery. And she had the money. But she refused to take it because she wanted “to manifest in on her own)

And then there was someone in another Neville group wondering why Neville Goddard himself had surgery. And the question was there if he decided to do it this way instead of healing himself because of lack of time…
(take a look one more time at the 3 freedom rules)

My client asked me what she should do, as a doctor told her she needs another surgery, she revised, but she still feels like doing it.

There is this question I got last week if someone can get pregnant without in vitro.

And me, writing it all with a burned face after laser treatment, all because I imagined having perfect skin.

Oh, and the discussion if vaccines will help or kill us all…

Skip HOW? you’ll get what you want!

Meanwhile, there’s no life on its own and manifesting on its own. There’s only life determined by manifesting.
Manifesting is what run’s your life, if you want it or not. Manifesting and your life are one.

So can you heal yourself without surgery? Maybe yes, maybe no. The better question is how lighter and more interesting your life would be if you quit wondering HOW?

Imagine what implies you’re as healthy as you want. And then if there will be a treatment you’ll feel like doing it – do it. New professional will be introduced to you? Book an appointment.

Let your state lead and surrender to it.