Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Are you ready for a sacrifice? Here’s what you need to give up to manifest your dream life

My teachings, all of the law of assumption teachings, that all call you to make a sacrifice.

“Sacrifice? Koti, what a BS is that?” I can already hear your question in my head. And yes, Sacrifice. Not a pleasant one. I mean, it’s freeing, but sometimes it’s simply so tempting to blame the outside.

Yes, you know now. You have to sacrifice blaming others for both your success and your failure, your success and your failures for all the circumstances you’re facing. 

You have to take responsibility.

I know; taking responsibility sound awful. You heard that way too many times. There’s just “something” with the word “responsibility.” When I hear it, I automatically think about all pregnant teenagers… That’s the added meaning. “Responsibility” it’s just a word. Nothing else. All the meaning around it it’s added by people.

You have to own your power.

Taking responsibility is about that – owning your power as the only creator of your life. It’s your assumptions that create your reality.

And here’s where the creative power is in you.

Consciousness is the only reality.

If you FULLY accept that your consciousness is the only reality, the magic will happen to your life.

What is consciousness? Consciousness is the total sum of your assumptions. All that you believe is true. All facts. That’s all sums up to consciousness. And there’s only one consciousness – YOURS. (That implies A LOT).

And if YOU hold the power that implies:

  • tarot doesn’t have power over you
  • your dreams don’t have power over you
  • no one can curse you
  • no one can manifest for you
  • your thoughts don’t have power over you
  • your emotions don’t have power over you
  • techniques don’t have power

Notice the last one, techniques. Also, manifesting techniques don’t have power. They are tools like any other. It’s you who’s using them.


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