Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Using techniques and manifesting unconsciously

You know the techniques that you’re doing or not to manifest your desires into your life. But do you know how you manifest without the techniques? Do you know how you’re manifesting unconsciously, on default?

Because if you know, that’s a game-changer. Knowing how you manifest unconsciously makes you a better conscious manifestor.

Let’s start with that that it’s not really you who manifests. It’s your state that pushes itself out. So you enter a state of a loved partner – and you meet someone. You embody a state of a mom, and you get pregnant and start buying or being gifted with all those clothes and toys, and you read, and you give birth to your kids, and then you take care of your kids. And you don’t have to manifest all those things, right?
Have you done a technique to get every single romper for your newborn? No, right? But still, you manifested that all. So HOW?

How are you manifesting when you don’t know you’re manifesting?

We said already that you don’t manifest. Your state does. But it’s you who chooses your states, still consciously or unconsciously. Then, you have more than one state/ identity. I say that we have a state in relation to everything in our life. The state is an identity, so you have an identity in relation to your finances (ex. businessman – someone who can multiple any sum of money). You have a state in relation to your kids (ex. a loving mom, bad mom, or childless, that’s a state too.) States determine how we see the world and how the world sees us.

Do you notice people are different at home and at different work and in various situations? It’s because they are in different states then. You are in different states in different situations! The state of cat owner makes you do something other than your businessman state.

I work with people in a program I called Miracle Month, and that’s what it is. The exercise we start with is my rapper exercise. My students have to pick for them and embody some random states. A moment ago, I got a message from one of my students that her state manifested. She picked to be an elf. Tolkien’s elf specifically, not any other. Weird, right? Not at all. Because if you can be an elf, and you can, you can genuinely become anybody, right? TRY THAT. But back to my client. Someone, a colleague, gave her a compliment telling her that she looks like an elf from Lord of The Rings.

Here’s how you manifest

You experience FROM the state. You live from states giving you your stuff and events. (Now, take a moment and be honest. Which one of your states/identities do you like and which don’t? Those you don’t like… You can change them!)

And how to change the state? And what are techniques for? (Law of Assumption/ Neville Goddard’s techniques, I mean?) Techniques are to help you change your state. Law of Assumption’s manifesting techniques are here to give you the experience. Because you change your state by experiencing yourself as / your life from your chosen ideal state No, it’s not by repeating affirmations or visualizations to influence your subconscious mind. In your past, you changed your state from curious baby to teenager and from rebel teenager to adult; from non-driver to the driver, from single to partnered. You already changed your state BILLIONS of times. And you never needed to script or affirm. And if you didn’t need it then, you don’t need it now.

Ok! ok! But Koti, how to manifest a car?

As far as I’m confident, the whole manifesting base on states. Including manifesting a sandwich (or coffee, just anything). You claim to be satisfied with the food, and here’s your favorite dish.
Car? Who are you in relation to driving? Are you a proud owner of a luxurious car? Or the exhausted owner of an old, shabby vehicle that breaks every week? It’s not your car determining who you are around it. It’s who you assumed to be determined what car you have. Where are you assuming that the best you can have is an old used car? Have you also assumed that cars like that are a pain in the ass?
Or maybe you assumed that someone like you needs a comfy car, something other people are jealous of?

Manifesting is ALWAYS ABOUT YOU. That means it’s always your state that matters.

You assumed something as real. You assumed you are someone because you experienced something that proved it to you. Consciously or not.

2 days ago, I laughed. I wanted to buy some beer, and I couldn’t because I had no ID with me in the store. And the cashier said I look too young. As I’m in my 30thies, my first reaction was, “thank you! You made my day!”. And then I thought that when I was younger, a situation like that would make me angry, so it needs to mean I’m old. And I started to feel old and miserable. I experienced something, assumed, and changed my state—all that in around 3 minutes. And I catch myself there. I laughed and went back to feeling back to young and vibrant. By the way, to that state that made the cashier refused to sell me alcohol 😉
I refuse to feel old for the remaining 70+ years of my life 😉