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How to get more ALIVE?

How to manifest more joy in life?

And start feeling more ALIVE?

Some time ago I wrote to you about my new approach to manifesting. To assume my desires as fulfilled immediately when they show up for me. And you know what’s worth realizing here? Desires are always informing us about what we’re lacking at the moment. Seriously, always.

All the desires. If you reach and are financially satisfied, you don’t want to have more money. If you have an incredible partner, you don’t want to meet anyone. If you just eat a big portion of yummy ice cream, you don’t want more ice cream. It’s so simple.

How many desires do you have? Right now? Today? At that hour? When I really started to desire mine, I was shocked, how many I do have…

I didn’t realize it.

I know that’s also your case. You have many desires. I think that we live as long as we have desires to fulfill in this lifetime.

And I do know, I’m sure that if someone… I hope it’s not you… says that he/ she doesn’t have any desires… or want only this one thing (that will fix everything)… that means this person has millions of desires… (Kind of when you have so many to-dos that you end up watching Netflix not knowing what to do.)

But no matter where you are now. No matter if you are denying your desires and feel that you don’t have any, or you are aware of them and are giving life to them – add some life to your life.

What do I mean? Add life to life? How?

Imagine something nice, that’s just nice. Tasty chocolate ice cream. Walking barefoot on the sand or grass. Drinking wine with a friend. A bunch of sunflowers. New jewelry piece. Fantastic sex. Swimming in the ocean at night. Feel yourself experiencing those things (of different ones of your choice) and being fully relaxed, feeling ALIVE.

Imagine those experiences not to manifest them, but to feel something specific. Feeling this aliveness that will do something to you… Something huge…

Every single day in all those FB groups I see people pausing their life and waiting for this one manifestation. And people who “don’t know what they really want” so they keep wasting time on reading and watching and never apply. People who are obsessed with this one single thing that makes all the rest unimportant…

Let’s be blunt: People who don’t get that life is manifesting and manifesting is life. And that we feel something real – giving life to our future no mater if it’s during a special session or through the day. Yes, I’m also guilty of that. I used to also do that.

Neville said we imagine all the time, day and night. Whatever we feel as real. Gets real.

Today I want you to imagine your life if FUN, FULL, HAPPY and that you love it. Maybe you’re in a lockdown, maybe not. No matter. What would you like to do? Waking barefoot on the sand. Swimming in the ocean. Enjoying a date with your beloved. Watching Eiffel Tower blink. Eating your favorite meal. Start giving yourself those in imagination. And see what happens.

You can have some fun and search Pinterest for something like “summer ideas” or “romantic evening ideas” – anything that comes to your mind. And if you’ll find a list – imagine it all!

This Saturday we start LOVEland – 30 days of love program. And we’ll be getting alive there! Because when you feel loved and you’re in love you feel more alive, right?

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