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How to manifest love? “My bed loves me” technique

It’s astonishing, but it looks like there are two main ways to get interested in the law of attraction. It’s all because of some trauma or LOVE.

Some think they lack self-love.
Some crave a partner.
Some want to feel fully alive.

That’s all the same need, the need to be accepted, needed, cared for, caring, and adoring. But love is more than all of those in total. Love simply is love.

You don’t have to define it or overthink it to know it. Love is love.

You are love.

Love is our true spiritual essence as God is love, and you are God.

Then why it’s sometimes so hard to feel loved? Why it’s sometimes so hard to create a fulfilling relationship with another human? Why it’s sometimes so hard to create a fulfilling relationship with yourself?

For me, and I’ll risk saying that it’s the same for you, it’s because instead of letting myself experience the love that I am full of, I was conditioning it.

I let myself feel loved only if my partner was showing me that.
I let myself feel loved only if they were other people around me.
I let myself feel loved only in certain circumstances.

That was hell. Does it sound familiar to you?

What if letting the love flow can fix your family relationships, your specific person issue, and your self-image at once? Without concentrating on any of it?

How is that? I don’t have to know the fix?

You don’t. That’s because the feeling is the secret. Not an emotion, but the knowing. And you don’t have to know “how?” it’s even better not to. Simply know “what?” – here, know that you’re loved and secured. Know that, feel that already, now, even without and before any physical evidence. And let everything be healed, your family, your specific person story, your relationship, and your self-image.

Neville called this technique “isn’t it wonderful” or “lullbaby” it’s about feeling what you would feel if your wish would be already fulfilled. I invite you to start feeling LOVED big time!

Do this exercise at least one time per day for a couple of minutes. Lie down or sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes, and relax your body. Now imagine that the bed/ chair you’re on loves you so much. Feel hugged by it. It’s there for you. Let yourself feel the love in the room you’re in. it’s your space. Feel surrounded by the love attached to your stuff. Feel the love your pets and plants have for you. Feel the love that your body has for you. It’s alive. It keeps breathing, keeps producing new cells, tissues, and hormones for YOU.

You can go on, but don’t have to. This whole exercise is about feeling the love that already is manifested, which is already there for you, but you couldn’t fully experience it before.

Why it’s effective? Because you here, you’re doing exactly what Neville taught to do. You imagine what implies your wish is already fulfilled. You experience being loved. You experience being love.
Why also it’s effective? Because while doing it, you can’t possibly look for signs. One of the worst mistakes people make is to keep on checking is what they’re imagining is reflecting itself in the physical world. But we can’t feel that something is real and check if it’s real at the same time. So to check, you need to leave your ideal state, and the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

But what to check on if your session is about the love hidden in your bed? This imaginal exercise quiets your logical brain and keeps it away from interfering with your manifestation.

The feeling is the secret. The feeling is all you need. So start feeling loved today.

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