Koti Tea – manifestation coach

MAKE THAT LIST! Why do you need a manifesting list?

I’m serious here.I want you to write down your manifesting list.

But not to manifest anything.

I want you to make something different. Or the same, for a different context.

I still keep my old manifesting notebok

Last summer, I found my old manifesting notebook from my witchy times. It still has all the things I wantED, places I wantED to visit, and achievements. I wantED to speak Russian for most of my time.

Did you notice the “ED” in my “wanted”? Most of that wishes in that notebook aren’t actual anymore.
For years I dreamed about shamanic drum… Right now, I don’t know what for.
During University time, I was deadly in love with that one guy. I loved him and was obsessed with him for 5 years. Right now, I have no idea where he even lives.
About 6 months ago, I felt in grey obsession. My avatar here, Living with Neville colors they are all grey. Most of my new clothes are grey, and those who are watching my IG stories probably think that I never change because I have so many identical grey t-shirts…
Meanwhile, I don’t want to be grey monochromatic anymore. Right now, I’m all about combining blue and brown.
Not mentioning that before Christmas, I dreamed about a cheesecake. Then I ate a whole cake alone. And now… you know.

So make that list. Write down what you want, what you want to eat, wear, where to live, and come back to it tomorrow, in a month, in a year. See that it won’t be actual anymore.

Because they are never tings. We never want things, but experiences and status as someone.

I wanted that deerskin drum. Right now, I want a Chanel bag. It’s the same desire.
I don’t care about that guy mentioned before, but I still want to love, be loved, and have a deep relationship. I still have that desire.

What’s different? My “HOWs.” “God speaks to a man through a medium of the basic desires” – Neville Goddard

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