Koti Tea – manifestation coach

How to make manifesting work for you?

He said: “People don’t want to change. They want magic.”

And I felt it there. And that’s the perfect explanation for the popularity of techniques like “5×55”, “2 cups,” or even endless affirmations. They’re like magic, and doing them is like performing a magic ritual, like casting a spell.

Is manifesting a method TO GET something?

Yesterday I saw a little boy on the floor. Did I just change the topic? No, you see that boy was crying, shouting and demanding. that was in the store. Is my example clear yet? He was doing something, his ritual, to get something from his parents.

Just recently, I realized that we, humans, work on that pattern throughout our whole lives. We do something to get something.
Learn using all the capacity of our short-term memory to pass the exam (and then forget all the knowledge)
Take care of ourselves only to get a partner
Work overtime to get a promotion
(more examples)
Waste time on manifesting techniques to attract something

And that approach never really works. I mean, does it? Or is that scheme to blame for your feelings: being not enough on the one side and not respected on the other. That depends on how long we are “lying on the store’s floor.”

When my clients tell me “I don’t feel worthy,” I know that they mean “I didn’t do much.”
And they are also those who do their techniques for months sometimes, already tired and frustrated, because they’re sacrificing a couple of hours each day to get aka attract that particular thing (or person) into their lives, and it doesn’t work. And then they agree with me when I say that for real, they did nothing. Nothing that matters.

You see… manifesting isn’t a method to get anything. Surprised? Think about it… and about that, that we don’t manifest what we want, but accessories to who we are… we manifest all the time… and you manifested so much painful shit already…

Manifesting isn’t then a method to get something, it’s explanation why something is in your life.

And that is a game changer.

You don’t manifest based on what you do, that’s magical thinking. I’ll go to Santiago and burn a red candle every day while writing my 5×55…

We manifest based on who we are. Our world around and all the elements in it are ourselves pushed out – they confirm to us who we feel we are. They’re our accessories. Are you a victim? A lucky one? Forever single?
And whoever you are, that identity of yours – your state – conditions your life and the world you live in – gives you manifestations that fits. (That’s what “everything is you pushed out” means by the way”

You don’t manifest. Your state does.

Your job ends on choosing a state.

It’s important to notice that our desires, those strong, burning ones, are always invitations to change our state.
As a single person, you dream about a loving relationship. And here you have 2 choices. To change your state, abandoning being single and embody a state of loving partner yourself, even before someone will appear to be with you. Or… or remain single and as such keep doing endless manifesting techniques.

My magical/ spell casting approach to manifesting work? Yes, it may. It may bring you a couple of your desires*, but it can’t change the overall quality of your life. Because to transform your life big time, you need to have that holistic approach, not selective.

*ONLY when you will also do the job and change your state and accept your desire as done. Only then.

What if you can’t change a state?

You’re lieing. If that was the case you would never change, nothing would never change for you. You couldnt be married, vegetarian and own a dog. You needed to change and enter new states to get those.

You can change your state. You can change all of your states.