Koti Tea – manifestation coach

You are manifesting. Are you also celebrating?

My friend Dorota send me a screenshot yesterday. And three words:

“I want that!”

I and Dorota were born in the same hospital, our mothers know themselves, and… we grow up in the same building.
Then we had this big fight that tore us apart for a decade. 4 years ago I manifested her back using the law of assumption.

So she send me a photo and I immediately knew what she meant. So I texted back “I want that too!”.

You could probably never guess what was in that picture. It was a couple she know and their dog. And a balloon saying “2”. Those people were celebrating their dog’s birthday.

What she wants and what I want too has nothing to do with those people, any dog, or being 2 years old. It’s not even about having an FB account and posting pictures there.

It’s about enjoying life.

It’s about enjoying life. LIVING boldly and with authenticity. Some people can do it. And in the majority, they don’t need to ever learn about manifesting. They are simply always blessed with anything they want because they taught the Universe that if it doesn’t give them what they want, they will get it on their own.

And there are waiters, those who wait for a better moment, for permission, for that one big manifestation that will change everything.

Any manifestation will change everything. Some manifestations can change all the circumstances, but if you’re a waiter and not letting yourself enjoy existing in a human body… you’ll never be satisfied, happy, fulfilled. You’ll be jumping from manifesting one thing to manifesting the other.

There’s ALWAYS something that’s not there yet in 3D reality. There will be ALWAYS something like that. As long as you’re alive you’ll be receiving new desires, new things to manifest in 3D.

And you’re receiving new desires by noticing the lack in 3D.

So it’s your choice: to chase the next manifestation and the next manifestation and the next manifestation… (or stay stuck forever on the first one).

I don’t have a dog, so I can’t celebrate its birthday, I have two cats, but I’m also personally strongly against treating animals like humans, and worse, like kids. So I don’t think there will be any birthday party like this.

Still, there are so many things worth celebrating, noticing, and embracing in life that I have already manifested!

And I know it applies to your life too!

If you want your life to change – change how you treat your life.