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Everybody is you pushed out and manifesting specifics.

I have that special hidden YouTube playlist made only for my long-term 1:1 clients. And among all of the videos there, there’s one with exceptionally a lot of views. Can you guess what it is about? yes, it’s about manifesting specifics: specific people, objects, events, places, and so on.

I get it. We all want specific things. That applies to EVERYTHING. Why? Because you’re unique and one of its kind, yes you are. If you would be satisfied with whatever, then what would be the point of living? I honestly don’t see any.

If you would enjoy any food the same way, what would be the point of trying new things? Cooking at all? None. We want tasty, yummy and that equals special.

We want specific things because they make us happy. Or at least we think so… (read till the end)

So manifesting IS about getting the specific things. The trick is, it works more backward than most people try to apply it. Most people simply start imagining that specific thing. And here it depends if they intuitively do it about themselves or not. When they do it about themselves, imagining from being the person who has what they want = they manifest it. But if they manifest their specific desire to get their actual, basic desire, here the struggle begins.

How to manifest a Specific Person?

That’s this issue with the law of assumption community. This big thing with manifesting a specific person. In short, it looks like that, you pick someone who you know or saw on TV, often a neighbor, ex, or a coworker and you lose your mind starting to believe that the world will end if the two of you won’t be together. The usual scenario? You two never end up together.
Or you do. For a week. And then you’re disappointed because it wasn’t like you wanted.

The most spooky question I was asked as a coach? “How do I know which of my exes should I manifest back?”. If you did not facepalm yourself a moment ago it’s time for you to get the basics right. You can do that by reading all of those articles here or by getting my Manifestation Script.

The law of assumption doesn’t offer you a limited choice of reliving the same thing. (But a lot of people use it that way). The law of assumption teaches that everything in our life happens to us based on our assumptions about ourselves and life.

“But Koti! I manifested my specific person and we are together 22 years now.” Cool. Then you did it the right way. Because you can have your specific manifestation.

You manifest people all the time.

MORE, manifesting people is not only getting a romantic partner. Your parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, those all are people who can any time become the specific person you want to change your relationship with or their behavior towards you. Those are your everyday wishes, or?

Because the truth is, there’s NO difference between manifesting a specific person, a specific house, a specific job, a specific car, or specific whatever.

They’re ALWAYS middles. Always. To manifest a middle means to manifest something that logically leads is a step towards or is a part of your true desire. Your true desire is always a desire for a state – living a certain way.

That’s why people say “be careful what you want”. That’s why movies like “Butterfly effect” got created, it’s not because getting what you want is dangerous or comes with a price. It’s because of what your head thinks you want isn’t necessarily what you do want.

Examples: manifesting a promotion when you want more money. Then you get it and you’re frustrated because the bigger money isn’t worth the bigger responsibility you have. Or manifesting a luxurious car when you want an easy lifestyle. Then you win that car in a lottery and have to sell it in a few months because you can’t afford to drive it.

Let me ask you, WHY? do you want that specific thing? What kind of change would that bring to your life? Who would you be? How would you feel? – those are the question that will help you get what do you really want = will help you make it about you.

No, it’s not like “I’m manifesting so I decide everything”. You don’t. And you know it because that’s what it looks like for you. Manifesting isn’t being a great wizard and micromanaging any detail. Manifesting is about choosing your end/ state and surrendering to it.

Of course, you’re free to try that yourself. You can choose one of the people you know and start imagining they’re different Or that very one house is yours. Or that they called after that interview last week. But I have a strong guess that if you’re here reading that, that means you’re already doing it and you don’t know why it doesn’t work. Am I right?

Manifesting is choosing an end and allowing it to happen.

There’s this magical trick, that’s not a trick at all but sets everything in motion. It’s making manifesting XYZ about you. Because all your desires are about you, you being someone, you living through something. Yes, even if you’re manifesting for someone else. It’s always for you. The end is always about you.

Do you know your “why?” – your basic desire. That’s the reason why you want your specifics. And no one can tell you what that is. Only you.

I worked with a real estate broker struggling with selling this one specific house. Meanwhile, her true desire behind it was being respected by her family.
I worked with the mother of 4 struggling with getting a driving license. Meanwhile, her true desire behind it was to experience freedom in her life.
I worked with the Jogi teacher struggling with her complexion. Meanwhile, she desired to be an influencer and sabotaged it.

And right now, in my background plays a movie where the teenage character goes like “if only my mom would be alive anything would be different”. Meanwhile, he desires deeper relationships with people in his life.

If you have this specific thing issue and struggle to manifest it for a long time if you have a hard time telling what do you really want if you feel that something is blocking you from manifesting your dream life = Limitless Fulfillment Bootcamp is THE program for you. It is designed to help you connect with your truest desires, gain momentum and start manifesting all of them BIG time.

“Wait, so I can’t have what I want?”

I had that reaction in my past also. Fear that if I’ll skip concentrating on my specific thing, then I won’t get it. But very often, skipping the who? where? and what? It’s what speeds up the process tremendously.

How? Because you know what you manifesting. Because it’s you manifesting. It’s you pushing things out. That’s simple. Things appear in your reality based on your state = who you are. Meaning, if you assume yourself as happily in love that means there will be this crazily in love someone to love you back. If you’re happy with your job, that means there is the perfect job for you. Often it’s the exact thing/ person/ place you’re thinking about already. Sometimes it’s something/ someone/ someplace you had no idea about while assuming the state.

The human brain fears the unknown, the hardest thing about manifesting is getting comfortable with not knowing.

That’s why it can be so easy to get into the trap of manifesting something you already had or know about. Let’s use this metaphor. I have my favorite restaurants and when I want yummy food I know where to go. But… I doubt if I know 10% of all Berlin’s restaurants, there are so many of them. If I would try them all, I’m sure that my set of favorite ones would be different.

Your logical brain limits you to what you already know.

In case you wonder. It’s NOT manifesting XYZ or something better. It’s manifesting the perfect match to your desire. Only persisting in your ideal state can give you that. That means if you will end up with something else than you thought you wanted, you won’t regret it.

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