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Living in the end. How and how long?

Neville Goddard, the guy who named the manifesting method we’re using here – the law of assumption, is strongly associated with a couple of slogans. “Feeling is the secret,” “Everybody is you pushed out”, or “living in the end”. Those first two were already discussed here, so just click on them to find all the linked articles.

“Feeling is the secret” is often misunderstood, and that is confusing as the feeling Neville Goddard is talking about is not an emotion, not in that sense.

“Everybody is you pushed out” is a well-known struggle maker… If you ever went crazy because of walking around repeating “he/she loves me,” and you still don’t know why it wasn’t working, read your articles.

Ok, living in the end. What does that mean?

Living in the end is what you do after imagining. Or maybe not what you do, but where you are in your consciousness.

And how long should you live in the end?

The great question that leads to an even greater answer – FOREVER. Seriously.

You start living in the end that moment when you enter your state and become the one who has your desire. If your wish is to own a house, your state is the homeowner. You need to become it and keep living in it, not until your house will show up – forever.

If you want a relationship, you need to become a loving partner, not until your person will show up, but again, forever. Because when you stop – you’ll lose your manifestation.

Living in the eng = being in the state.

No, living in the end, is not a technique, and no, it’s not about walking around editing what your senses dictate. Yes, that’s a technique, but Bashar’s, not Neville’s. I know some people think that’s what Neville was doing while manifesting Barbados. It could be so. But as I read more than just one lecture of his, I’m sure he wasn’t doing it again, and manifesting Barbados was his slowest, hard and exhausting success story. So I ask you, do you want to copy that one or one of his quick and easy wins?

To sum up, you don’t have to do anything special to live in the end. Nothing except being in the state and persisting in your wish fulfilled. Because:
being in the ideal state = persisting in the feeling of the wish fulfilled = living in the end.

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