Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Is it possible to manifest what you want?

There’s something that connects all those people who send me questions asking if they can ask me a question. They almost never end up asking me their actual question. They never get their answer like they were never interested. They wait instead of live.

That’s similar to calling a friend to tell them you need to call each other someday. You mean “big real call,” not just a couple of minutes. That big call almost never happens in the end. I know because before my awakening, I was doing such silliness. There was always some more important “later”.

Just do it !/?

Do you know who never achieves any success? Any in any area of life. Those who never start because they want to make everything perfect. That applies also to manifesting.

Some of you wait with conscious manifesting until they understand everything. That means waiting forever. You will never understand everything, it’s an adventure. If you’re in this group, are you aware that you are manifesting all the time anyway? You are imagining crap on autopilot and decide to wait, imagine more crap, and read some Neville Goddard in the meantime…

Why do I write about waiting? I haven’t even use the world “possible” yet. There’s why:
Because everything you want to manifest is possible to manifest. Everything. How? How do I know? I accept the teachings in its fullness, and part of Neville Goddard’s teachings says, “creation is finished.” Then it’s illogical to want to manifest something impossible to manifest. If it’s impossible because it doesn’t exist, then how do you know about it? Crazy stupid, right?

Believe that if you want it – it’s for you to have. Just manifest it, imagine what implies and persist it’s done.

Neville said: “Don’t wait! Don’t ask anyone’s permission! Embody the feeling of your wish fulfilled”

“As far as I am concerned, the whole vast world is finished. Creation is finished, and I am only becoming aware of it. Well, I need not confine myself to what my senses see and what reason allows and what wise men tell me I should accept. I can imagine a state. I can’t see it with my physical eye, but I can imagine a state, and that state imagined is. I can imagine a state that is in conflict with the facts of life. And the facts, you say, are, and they can’t be altered. I can imagine a state that would undo the fact. Well, that state exists. If I occupy that state it will undo the so-called fact you say is fixed forever.” – Neville Goddard in “Faith”

BUT is that possible to manifest?

Those all are real and serious questions from my inbox:
• Is it possible to manifest a castle? Are there people who own castles? Yes. A minute ago, I found a couple of websites offering them. You can buy a castle.
Is it possible to manifest money? It’s 2020, and 88% (!!!) of all millionaires are self-made. It means they were poor in the past.
Is it possible to manifest becoming a Bollywood actor? Are there Bollywood actors? Yes. Were they born as such? No. Do Bollywood need more and more actors? Yes.
Is it possible to manifest a Korean boyfriend? According to statistics, there are 25 987 000 Korean men. They are humans; they also eat, pee, do stupid shit while drunk, and want to be loved.

Why you even want that? Because you DO KNOW that it is possible.

that Neville quote that God speaks to us through the language of our desires?
Have you ever read any “success story” of a nevillan who shared, “Then I realized it’s impossible to have what I want and I will suffer because of it’s lack till I die, but it has to be this way”. Have you ever read anything like that in a Neville Goddard community? I’m sure that no. Instead, you met people starting successful businesses, getting up from wheelchairs, beating incurable diseases, finding their soulmates, and so on.

Anything you need to learn – you will learn during. The best teacher is your own experience. Stop wondering if that’s possible. Stop asking me and other coaches about it. Stop waiting. NOW, at this moment, claim it’s already yours. Trust it, and you’ll see it.

The worse that can happen to you – and what has happened to me – is discovering that your actual desires are way greater than you thought.