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Eat your desires. Get the attitude of Abdullah!

What if having a desire is only info about what waits for us next?

Some time ago, I asked that one on my social media? And I was SHOCKED how many people there reacted emotionally while disagreeing… almost shouting that IT. IS. NOT. SO. SIMPLE.

But what if it is? What if it can be?

I mean, we tend to do that with food wishes. Do you want pizza? Ok, then pizza is for dinner? Do you want coffee? You make one for yourself. Asian food? No problem.

You tend to eat what you like. I eat what I like. Because, why not?


When it comes to things like food, any desire seems possible. It IS possible. Unquestionable.

But with cars, it doesn’t work this way. With relationships, it doesn’t work this way…

But isn’t it for real? Or it’s just a useless, harmful assumption?

What if ANY desire, ALL of the desires can be treated like food wishes?

Can you let yourself accept that manifesting what you want and your actual dreams can be as easy as getting a coffee?

You are pregnant or not

I noticed that when I’m getting a new desire when it’s popping in – I have only two options… To assume it as already fulfilled or to assume it’s lack. There’s no third option. It’s only one of another. 

The pregnancy test can be or positive or negative. No third option!

And I’m telling it as someone who was habitually assuming lack for the most of my life. My pattern was:

I want something? = I don’t have it. = (Probably it’s because I don’t deserve it.)

Yes… that’s was an automate in my head. But since I started to be “serious” about desires being gifts of God and the medium God speaks to me…

I developed a totally new pattern:

I want something? = It’s to take for me. = It’s mine.

Just like that. That’s… the attitude of Abdullah – slamming the door – knowing it’s done and that’s it.

Take it. Try it. Use it as a technique/ attitude. Risk and assume that wanting means receiving… Notice a desire and go like “aha, it’s mine”! Go straight to the fulfillment.

Think about that… When you want pizza, then usually you eat it, right? Or chocolate? You want it, so you eat it. You eat it because you want it… Make a Maserati your chocolate. Or relationship. Or… that thing you want.