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Stuck in manifesting? Get aware of what you’re imagining!

A shortcut to success in manifesting? AWARENESS.

There was a time when I used to struggle with manifesting the Neville Goddard way A LOT. And when it started to change, it was super fast.

How did I “unstuck” myself and started manifesting?

I was making some dumb mistakes that kept me exhausted in the never-ending “manifesting” mode. It means I was trying and trying and pushing and pushing, and it wasn’t working out. I mean, I thought so then, because I was getting what I was imagining. EXACTLY what I was imagining.

And I was imagining that I’m not good enough yet, that I don’t know enough yet, that I need to make my scenes better, that I’m blocking my manifestations, that I… – now you have the picture.

 So if you’re stuck or think that you “have” a resistance… stop imagining that shit.

stopped struggling when I let myself notice what exactly am I doing. In one of Nevill’s groups on Facebook, you can find my old post in which I was asking why the hell did I manifest potatoes. Hilarious story. It was about manifesting the desired meal in a work’s canteen. I wanted potatoes, but the meal plan said “pasta,” so I started thinking it’s going to be pasta, but in the end, they served potatoes as I wanted.

Now it’s so funny, but then I didn’t understand how it happened.

(By the way, that’s why now I don’t teach manifesting techniques, but manifesting awareness.)

This with potatoes was a so-called “small” win, but I wasn’t getting why. I craved my “aha! That’s how it works!” moment. And getting curious about how manifesting really works and tracing my imaginal activity made me a real manifesting queen. I noticed what works and what doesn’t.

So now. Do you want to have better results? Do you want your life to be better? Do you want your conscious manifesting skills to be better?


NOTICE THAT YOU’RE ALREADY DOING IT. You have years of success stories. How old are you? Because that’s how long you are doing exactly what Neville teaches.

The thing is, Neville Goddard hasn’t discovered any new method in manifesting. He simply noticed and described how does life work.

 Yes, exactly that. But Neville Goddard was a businessman, and he built a “money-making machine” out of it. That’s the reason why he wrote so many books and gave so many lectures. To make a lot of money out of something that was his thing. He was writing the same thing repeatedly – what you assume as true – is true. Every time he was using different words to get clearer and more precise with his message. I believe that he was also getting more and more manifesting – aware himself. 

(This article was first published on the same date, 2020, before republishing in 2021, I fixed, rewrote, and enriched the text.)

If you think that there’s life and there’s manifesting, you can’t be more wrong. Manifesting isn’t anything separate from life. Manifesting is an explanation of how life is like it is. Everything in your life is manifested – by you.

 You can not manifest. You cannot fail in manifesting. Never. That’s technically impossible because manifesting is creating life. Your life is created/ creating through manifesting. That’s the only way.

Conscious manifesting is only about doing what you’re already doing, but consciously to get the results that you want.

Like above, you have years of experience with manifesting. Think about every time you had so-called “intuition,” those cases I find the best to turn into your manifesting study cases.
Like when you lost your keys, but you know it’s nothing to worry about because you will find them.
Like when you argued with someone important, and you weren’t talking to each other, but you knew it’s stupid shit because you love each other.
Like when you decided to lose weight and stopped turning back
And other stories like that. That’s all your success stories – you got exactly what you imagined.

NOTICE how you did it, so you had your success. Become manifesting-aware.