Koti Tea – manifestation coach

If you want to manifest your SPECIFIC desire FAST, you need to start by asking yourself “WHY DO I WANT THIS?” first.

My client called me “the WHY queen” and I loved it.

Why I’m so obsessed with asking “why?” and “what for?”?

I am “5 years old for a living”. I tend to ask “WHY?”, “WHAT FOR?” “WHAT DOES IT MEAN?” on repeat and people pay me and then send me testimonials and success stories.

Then there’s for sure something powerful in asking “WHY?”, “WHAT FOR?” “WHAT DOES IT MEAN?”

You’re an energetical being living in the 3D matter realm. In this realm, you have a 3D body but still are energy. And according to physics, even your table is made of energy. How so if your table is made of 3D matter?

That so that energy = 3D matter

Anything 3D is energy hardened (into facts). Anything you feel, any energy you feel will materialize into 3D things if only you’ll feel it enough.

Because so if you feel certain energy, if you make it yours, if you feel loved = you manifest friends, and pets, meet your soulmate and start a family and your EXes raise from the dead and suddenly remember they still love you.

If you feel abundance = you manifest money, opportunities, gifts, luxury, and anything going your way.

It’s because energy ALWAYS materializes.

Do you fear that you’ll feel it “right”, but still won’t manifest what you want? This fear is common AF. But that’s NEVER the case. Why? energy = matter, remember?

And you have to feel it first to manifest it.

And to feel it, you have to… know what it means.

This means you have to know what it stands for. That’s why when you manifest let’s say “deep rest” it’s impossible to manifest something exhausting. But notice that “reast” means different things for different people. You might consider rock climbing relaxing. Or playing video games. For me, none of that will work.

It’s because there’s no universal box of, for example, love manifestations and if you start feeling love you can manifest whatever.

NOP, when you are feeling loved you are materializing manifestations that will make you feel loved. This means, if you’re straight you won’t manifest same-sex lover. This won’t work. AAAAND, When you manifest “pizza” it’s never just about eating bread with sauce, but you tend to crave this food in certain types of situations. It’s common for people to consider pizza a comfort food. Something they eat when they crave… yes, to call in energies of comfort and warm safety.

But this doesn’t mean that if you’ll feel comforted and safe, you won’t fancy pizza anymore. Because feeling safe and comforted manifests pizza for you. It’s tied together.

BUT you can manifest pizza from the wrong place

It’s possible to get so focused on the 3D manifestation, in this example that’s pizza, that you manifest it from the wrong energy place. That’s common if you don’t understand this energy thing. That’s how you manifested what you wanted and then felt like it wasn’t it at all. When this was happening to me I used to wonder what was wrong with me and why I’m so ungrateful after I got what I wanted. NOTHING was wrong with me, but everything was wrong with my manifestations. They only looked like what I wanted.

Keeping up with pizza example. You want pizza because it goes altogether with feeling safe, warm, comforted, and rested. Ald your desire is about all these elements. But when you aren’t aware of it, you might get an idea to grab a piece of pizza from a fast food place in your subway station while on the go. And then… you wonder why you just ate pizza and you still crave pizza. It’s not because carbs are addictive. It’s because you still didn’t get what you wanted.

The secret to fast and easy manifesting is decoding this information. = asking WHY I want this?

Because if you are aware of it or not, everything in your life stands for you for some type of energy/ is made of energy. And here comes the questions: “WHY?”, and “WHAT FOR?” “WHAT DOES IT MEAN?” all in white, sprinkled with more glitter than Pattinson in Twilight.

WHY do you want that SP/ that job/ job at all/ go to Bali?

Whatever manifestation you crave, you want it because it’s made out of the energy you want. That energy you need to feel to manifest this specific thing you want.

Do you want to know more?