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Here’s how to deal with subconscious beliefs. Unblock your blessings!

Let’s talk about subconscious beliefs. Let’s do it on my example for you to not feel uncomfortable.

First, yes, in probably the most famous book of his, “Feeling is the secret,” Neville was talking about the subconscious, right. I won’t deny it.

And yes, for over a decade before I discovered Neville, I was working with my own subconscious beliefs, which were blocking me from success. I mean that is what I was thinking then. Today I think that was ridiculous. Right now, I think I was just looking for an excuse not to be happy. I preferred to be special. Suffering is special, isn’t it?

Is there anything hidden from you?

Let’s go to the subconscious and take a look at a name. SUB-CONSCIOUS it suggests that we are talking about something that’s hidden from the consciousness. SUB-conscious like a SUB-marine. Some tell me that subconscious beliefs are ruling my life. But if they’re in charge, how can I not see them…

Let me ask you… Were you ever looking for your glasses with your glasses on? Or looking for your phone using the phone’s flashlight? That’s exactly what you’re doing, looking for subconscious beliefs. EXACTLY THAT. You’re ignoring them because they’re too obvious. On Wednesday, I released my first product, a guide for easier manifesting. I was working as a coach for years before, but it was always trading time for money. I was always WORKING hard and a lot and devoting my time. On Tuesday evening, I worked with my best friend, telling her how excited I am about this as “I always believed I have to work a lot for money.” I said a similar thing while talking with Twenty Twenty on Wednesday morning.

I was telling myself that that’s what I think and feel. WORK HARD FOR MONEY. It’s Saturday when I write that text. It’s the fourth day … I’m working hard, seriously. People who got my “Complete guide to manifest easier than ever” using PayPal tend not to get an automatic email with links. Today popped up that it sometimes happens to other paying options also. And people have questions. .. Long story short. What am I doing for the last four days, actually constantly? SENDING EMAILS. Getting crazy with questions and getting anxious over technical issues. Shouting at my support guy. That’s the behind scene around my success, because:

Is my program a success? Yes

.Did I make a lot of sales? Yes.

Did I make money? Yes.

Did I get good reviews? Yes.

Does my guide have value for people? Yes.

Am I proud? Yes.

It’s all about awareness that starts with noticing…

DID I WORK A LOT FOR THAT? FUCK YES. I love my dishwasher and praise take-away food. Why? Because I wanted an easy success. I was thinking about an easy success. ABOUT. I kept thinking FROM working a lot and devoting time. Now, I’m laughing. As soon as I noticed what the hell I’m imagining, and I changed it… it’s solved. Someone took the mails over, and I can finally relax.

There’s no such thing as “I imagine ABC and reality give me 123”. That’s not possible. If you get 123, you are imagining 123. Imagining stands for “acknowledge as real” sorry. Always.

Ok, so what about subconscious beliefs, those hidden worms, which destroy your happiness? Scroll your FB, read your messenger chat with your best friend, look around. That’s what you’re imagining. What’s what you believe in. That’s what you can change. First step is always in noticing and making the sub-conscious, tfu! Making the obvious, conscious.

I don’t believe in subconscious anymore. I know that this term was invented for things that are so normal, natural and obvious, that we tend to not notice them. They seem unchangeable, but only till we start getting aware of our imaginings. And that’s a must for playing with consciousness being the only reality and changing states.

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