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WHY do you want what you want?! How to stop obsessing over a specific manifestation?

Do you know the term “basic desire”? I learned it from Neville Goddard’s works and understanding this one thing made so much click for me at once! Basic desire is your desire behind other desires. It’s your WHY? you want what you want.

At the same time, your basic desire is the key element. Have you ever manifested something seemingly exactly like you wanted, but for real you weren’t satisfied at all? I know it happened to you. That one is pretty popular, that’s why we have this saying “be careful what you wish for because

So a BASIC DESIRE is a desire for a STATE, a desire for seeing, and experiencing the world/life from a particular perspective.
A state it’s an identity, who I am. But let me use an aquarium metaphor (yes, I know it’s not perfect). A state is the glass box, the water, plants, all that —the environment. The thing/s that I want to manifest is the fish. Without entering and staying in a state, you can’t have your fish – manifestation. Or even if you will somehow get it, you will lose it the same quickly.

Do you know how many times people reached out to me asking for help with that one message saying: “I attracted him back and he left again”? It’s sad, but it’s a classical problem. And what I’m talking here about is the cause of it.

What do I need to have my fish – my manifestation then? Two things:

1. Imaginal experience

2. Being it the state that it belongs to. (I want a relationship. To who belongs to that experience? To a loving partner, then I need to become a loving partner.)

Desires come from states

Or another way around. Because most of the time, I’m getting into the state while I’m experiencing my desire in my imagination. Sometimes not. That’s tricky.
Here’s my real-life example from last spring. I got a desire: Christmas marzipan rolled cake. Here in Germany, they are to get from September to December, but it’s already after that time and those cakes, instead of being on sale, they just disappeared from shops. Too late. But I imagined eating it with my coffee, so on Monday, someone gifted me one. Just like that, out of the blue, I got a box with that cake. It manifested so easily because being in the state of “lucky person” is my normal. I imagined and “forgot about it.” It manifested. So, I haven’t really forgotten. I still wanted that cake. I just wasn’t obsessed with it. It was NATURAL for me to get it. Why? Because I was already in the state where these desires belong.

Listen to my podcast on random thoughts manifesting. It’s a good one.


I had an aquarium for that specific fish. I was already in the state of that desire being fulfilled. Some would say that I had “no resistance”; I imagined and lived in the end what gave me an automatic manifestation. Just like that, in a couple of days. Fast and with NO EFFORT AT ALL.

A different example: August last year, I got a desire: Begonia maculata. (It’s a houseplant with dotted leaves.) Fuck, people… It’s unbelievable how obsessed I was by it! I saw this plant somewhere, and I started to really desire it… Like my life was dependent on owning it! I did some sessions on it, but I felt like after them, my hunger was even bigger… It seems to be a stupid shit, but getting and staying in the state of my wish fulfilled seemed impossible… I was losing my wish fulfilled state over and over and going back to being obsessed… The thing was that back then, I had a few sad houseplants that I started by rooting leaves taken from other people. It wasn’t impressive. My begonia didn’t go with that at all.
I didn’t have an aquarium for that specific fish. And what I desired the most was to get this aquarium. What I truly wanted was to be a proud exotic plant lady living in my own jungle. Owning that one particular begonia that I was obsessed about was only a part of that wish. That was my basic desire, and the state my begonia belonged to. I had it within days since I got in the right state. Again, someone gave it to me. Since then, I have plants at good prices at shops, and people are gifting me with plants. I keep finding healthy, just unwanted plants near the dumpsters, and so on. All of that is because I’m still in my proud plant lady state.
Every single time I was obsessed with something, it was a basic desire calling me. Every single time like that, what I wanted most was to have a new life perspective.

I gave you a hilarious example with a house plant. Silly, right? So read carefully now. If you’re so obsessed with your ex, new house, or tesla, it’s the same. It’s pathetic like that house plant of mine. Yes, pathetic. Don’t be pathetic with wanting things that you can just have, because it’s true that you can have everything. Simply do it right and start with your state.

How to know what my state is?
How to know what my basic desire is? Ask yourself WHY? and WHAT FOR? you want what you want.

Last real-life example. Specific person. A long time ago, I wanted someone to be my husband. But even getting into the state of being his wife was sooo hard, and dropping the who was almost impossible. But when I finally was doing it and placing myself into the state of loving adored wife, it was too easy to lose it. Again, sessions seemed to grow my hunger instead of satisfying it…
I didn’t want to be a happy, loving wife. I wanted HIM only. It took me months, but I finally did it… I ASKED MYSELF WHY AND WHAT FOR I WANT Him SO MUCH.
The answer was… Because I want to have everything that I want. It wasn’t even about the relationship itself or feeling loved. BINGO! I imagined that there are certain things that I can’t have and that it’s bad even to want some things. At the same time, I was already working with the Neville Goddard method, saying I can have whatever. So I chose that one guy to test that. While for real, I desired a state where I can enjoy whatever I genuinely want. And that’s how I stopped being obsessed with this guy. No, I didn’t manifest him. And I’m happy with it because I never really wanted him.

What I really want and what you really want is not the same as a possible solution to our problem.

If you struggle with manifesting something, while you already made it about you or at least while you think you made it about you. If you struggle with getting into and staying in your desired state…
If you want your ex back…
If you want to manifest a free car…
If you want a second job…
If you want a deadline to be rescheduled…

Are those things you can settle for or your true desires? Do you want them for them or to get something else? Are they your honest ideal end or just a part of it that you can settle for?

Is that something you want the most? Ask yourself WHY AND WHAT FOR? you want what you think you want. And then assume your END.