Koti Tea – manifestation coach

What is manifestation? What is it really about?

If you follow me for a bit longer you probably already know my answer: manifesting is about having a good life. But keep reading. There’s so much more to it!

And in your life, if you are already aware of it or not yet, you manifest all the time. Everything you have and all of your experiences are manifested by you.

Every psychologist will tell you that you experience life based on your assumptions and expectations. The law of assumption tells you the same, but of course, there is a difference, quite obvious one. Psychology says that you can change your experiences and how you respond to what is. (Aka “you can’t change anything”). And the law of assumption says by the change of your assumptions you also change what is. (Aka – “you CAN change anything”).

Humanities and manifestation ARE complimentary. I have a diploma in the Science of Religions. I strongly believe I couldn’t be such a good coach without this background.

I want you to remember this because more often than not I see you, manifestation newbies trying to ignore everything you know about “life mechanics”. Meanwhile, you add manifestation knowledge to what you know already. Why? Because what you know already is your manifestation experience, unconscious, but still valid. What you need to do now is to observe how you were unconsciously (and still are) manifesting to make it aware and start consciously manifesting what you want.

Awareness goes before any techniques

Manifesting techniques are tools, they can make manifesting easier or harder, (yes, harder). The thing is, they don’t do anything on their own, there’s nothing magical about any technique. They’re all optional for you to use.
Before discovering manifesting you were already manifesting and that is without any techniques. More! While using techniques to manifest XYZ you are still manifesting other things mostly on autopilot.

Let’s talk donuts

I like fasting. I used to do long 21+ days fasts two times per year, but I quit this approach about two years ago to instead go for frequent, short fasts, maximum 3 days. It counts as intermittent fasting.

I had my 3 days without food this Monday-Wednesday. And yesterday, Thursday was the day called “Fat Thursday” in Poland. It’s a kinda hilarious celebration that I started appreciating only not so long time ago.

If you’re not Polish, it might be hard to imagine what it is all about. And it’s all about donuts. The whole day is about eating and thinking about donuts. No matter who people are, and what they do, the whole Polish internet and social media that day post content about donuts. Recipies, calories, preferences, who ate more, and this one question: “To eat a donut or to not eat a donut”. Yes, it’s pretty hardcore. And the fun side of it is for a day everything that’s not a donut disappears from a country’s awareness. (Yesterday was different because of the situation in Ukraine).

That was a cultural fun fact. Last Sunday I was chatting with a friend about it, and I got excited as the plan for me was to be in Poland yesterday. My plans changed on Tuesday. That was the second day of my fast, and the day I got an idea to make some donuts at home.

Thinking about food while fasting is not a good idea. It makes you hungry.
Thinking about what you can’t have at the moment is not a good idea. It makes you miss and want that.
Thinking about your manifestation while it’s still not there is not a good idea. It makes you stuck in a lack state.

The same rule applies to all areas of life – don’t feed your hunger. By the way, exactly that’s why it’s said to imagine what IMPLIES your wish, not the wish itself. Imagining the wish only makes you more aware of what you don’t have = put’s you deeper into the feeling of lack.

That’s exactly what I did by imagining making and eating donuts while researching the recipe. And this way, Wednesday, the last day of my 3 days fast was a struggle. Omg! I was so hungry! But here’s the reason why I didn’t quit or went totally miserable: I was absolutely aware all this time of what I was doing. I decided that the research was worth it. I liked the idea of making them at home enough and knew that I had to prepare the dough the day before that I went for it.

And whatever I’m manifesting and I catch myself feeling like I can’t live without that thing, I know. I made that mistake, I put myself in a lack. and I know how to fix it. I want the same awareness for you.

Manifesting donuts

And now the hilarious part. After nutritious breakfast yesterday all my cravings went away. I was satisfied and not hungry anymore.
And then I was out and heard some Polish ladies talking about donuts on the way and… I went to the bakery and bought some. Just then I remembered about the dough in my fridge. I took the bakery’s donuts home without any interest in actually eating them. And there was the dough in my fridge. Hopefully, I wasn’t alone to eat. But still. There was no way we were able to eat all those donuts yesterday. So I froze bakery’s one. Then fried my dough. Donuts turned out delicious. Still, half of the bath ended up in a freezer. I managed to eat only 2 mini-sized ones.

Some of you freak out when your craving disappears. You think “I think like I don’t want it anymore! Does it mean I won’t get it?” And then you put yourself back in a lack state. But for you should celebrate. You’re satisfied.

You really manifest all the time. The world keeps showing you reflections of your assumptions about it. Life is as you expect it to be.

Manifesting IS NOT a special trick to make your dreams come true. Manifesting is an explanation of why your life is how it is. That means if you understand the mechanics you can use that knowledge for anything. Then why not make your dreams real?

But the thing is… if you decide that because of any reason, you won’t assume and manifest that love, that business, that dream = you will manifest your life without things you want, perfectly as you assume life is.

Let me repeat it. Manifesting is the ultimate explanation.

In this article, I used donuts to illustrate what I’m talking about. In the past, I did this article about falafel. Because the food you eat, that is also your manifestation. Depending on your state, on who you claim to be you have those or another preference and abilities.

Living is manifesting, we are always imagining, we are always in some states and we are constantly winning – getting in life exactly what we are imagining. That’s always the first thing to notice.

Stop thinking that there are given life and law of attraction to get out of it, break some rules and attract some stuff. NO. It’s not like that. There’s nothing given, no destiny, no plan. Everything that has happened and will happen to me, you, everyone was and is actively imagined.

When you get this you’ll stop asking questions like “how to stop reacting to 3d”. Because there’s no “3d against you”. It’s only a shadow of your past imaginings and assumptions about yourself.