Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Manifesting in the times of war. How dare we?

“Koti! How to manifest when it’s so hard to live now?”

I got this question many, many times during the last 2 weeks. At first, I promised to pack my answer into the newsletter. But new things were popping up. So I started turning it all into an article, that turned out to be too personal. I didn’t want to publish it.

This article might be considered a part 2 of What is manifestation? What is it really about?

Meanwhile, I got even more emails and DMs asking about the war. And I put myself under huge pressure. And fuck. It wasn’t important. But using the word “fuck” is. Let’s go.

You ask me:
How can I manifest and pretend I’m happy when people are dying?

First. DON’T. Don’t pretend you are happy. Stop listening to BS and throw that advice into the trash, you already know it’s not working.

Second. What you are really asking me about is how you can make special efforts to have a great life when other people suffer. And if that’s your question, then you have no idea what manifestation is. Because manifestation is not special, it’s not a special ritual that you can use to make your life better. Manifestation is the reason for your life. All of it. Meaning how you make yourself know – assume the world is, it is this way.

So NO, the war isn’t a reason to stop manifesting. The war is the reason to start manifesting consciously if you haven’t yet.

“Koti! What do you mean?!”
I mean you CAN NOT stop manifesting as long as you’re alive. You of course can manifest not having what you want and that life is terrible… But that still is you manifesting it.

And that’s what you are doing to yourself and the world anytime you decide to dig yourself in misery and expect more of the drama. When you do like “yep, I’m the victim here.”

So what should you do? Same as always = assume what you want as already true. And if you’re bothered by the war, then you obviously crave peace. If you’re bothered by the war you have a heart.

And then what? How to persist and stay in the end not being bothered by the 3D reality? If your first idea is to hide in a basement listening to old Madonna albums, then you simply have to watch the Barbados Masterclass in which I cover all you need to know about the time between you wanting XYZ and manifesting it.

How to ignore the 3D?

You don’t hide in the basement. You don’t ignore the facts. You don’t stop using the internet. None of that. Instead, you are the first one to know how it all will end. Probably, that will move you to take some action. Engage, so you yourself become a bridge for a change.

Ignoring 3D reality and not reacting is NOT not having emotions. Emotions are a biological thing. You are alive and you are living this life. That goes together with… living that life. So not that you are blind, but that you don’t claim what you see and experience as permanent and ultimately real. It’s about not imagining FROM what’s manifested.

Meaning. Don’t add unwanted meaning to things. Because that’s how you change your state, by adding meaning.

Now that, I’m Polish, Poland is on Ukraine’s western border and now we have almost 2 million refugees already. My brother hosts a Ukrainian family in his guest room. My aunt hosts 2 families. My mom cooks for them. I donated numerous things myself.

I am involved. And honestly, the first thing I did after coming back to Berlin from the weekend in Poland in late February was pouring vodka in the glass, adding caramel liqueur, and skipping milk. Then I drank it. It didn’t help, but it was the best coping idea I had at that moment.

But Neville Goddard said to ignore the reality?

I just love how people take random quotes from full of stories lectures by Neville Goddard and try to make it a reason to struggle themselves. There are examples of how to use his advice IN his lectures. This guy was reacting, sometimes complaining for people not wanting to pay what he asked for, he was teaching for the money, he was reading news, sometimes he struggled with his manifestations and some of them took quite a time. That’s Neville Goddard, he wrote hundreds of stories sacked lectures. He shared a lot from his experience.

When you take one random quote from that all, take it out of the concept and focus on that one sentence only… Here you are ignoring the reality. Look! So easy!

I recall Neville Goddard for one more reason. He was active during the 40s ( WWII. And wait! He was in the army!), 50s, and 60s (Cold War and Vietnam War). During those times he taught people how to get what they wanted in life. How dared he?

Or was he actually working for making the world a better place and had an impact? Answer yourself.

So ignore or not to ignore? How to ignore?

Ignore the reality doesn’t mean to ignore what’s happening and focusing on feeling good yourself. There are people who do that, “good vibes only” people, the ones who’ll put you down for “bad energy”. I mean people who imagine the world as a bad place. You might know someone like that yourself, someone with whom you’re not friends because they call you toxic as everybody is toxic to them. Pay attention to what they do, how they imagine the world and who it makes them, and how they manifest.

Notice it. And now notice how I am imagining stupid people, more! People I let myself feel better from. I and any other manifestation coaches are not only worth learning from what we teach, but also studying what we do.

I don’t stop manifesting my dream life because there’s a war now. Actually, the war in Ukraine isn’t the only current armed conflict. It isn’t. And there are natural cataclysms and events in your own life. There’s always something. There’re always invitations to imagine and manifest good things and wonders.

I have followers who keep DMing me that they can’t manifest their desires because of the Trump and corona, and vaccines, and now Putin. Meanwhile, that’s a state they’re living from revealing itself. Like any other state.

Plus, if Putin would know about manifestation, he would know what he does is chasing a middle. And chasing middles instead of your true desire is always messy.

That’s why I want you to know about conscious manifestation. I strongly believe that will make the world a better place.