Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Following your desires. WTF is that and why it’s the best you can start doing for yourself

Following your desires is THE COOLEST single practice that will make you

1) become magnetic AF to all of your desires and

2) be a genuinely happy person.

WTF does it mean to “follow your desires”?

I LOVE this definition that our desires is how God speaks to us about what we should do.

I want a cup of coffee. = God wants me to have coffee, and I should do it.

I want to be a coach and teach manifestation = God wants me to be a coach and I should do it.

This is a completely opposite definition to the one I grew up with.

I was growing up thinking that things I want are those I should forget about because if not, I’ll suffer.

I was fed with “desires come with a price” and “better be careful about what you wish for because it can come true.”

And the joke is, those above were always true in my life when I was going for fixes and middles = every time when I wanted to prove something, make everyone happy, “fix” my life once and for all or get only closer to what I wanted.

But it has been NEVER true when it came to following my desires. Every time I go for something I truly want it is like God wants me to. Everybody gets blessed.

But is that the same as setting a goal?

Following your desires is different from goal setting.

You set a goal in the future to go there.

You follow the desire from now.

When your thinking is “What would fix my situation?” – that’s the wrong question.

The right question is always – “What do I truly want?”

Example: you have a huge pot of tomato soup in your fridge. It doesn’t taste good. It’s not exciting to have it for the next few days.

Now, what’s your thinking? Do you google how to spice that soup up to make it taste better? Do you think whom you can give it to? Do you just eat it, because you’re so used to eating whatever that whatever?


So what do you want?

No, not “what do you want to do with the soup”. Forget about it.

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ll repeat “circumstances doesn’t matter” if all you do is focusing, being bothered and reacting to circumstances!

Following your desires is the ultimate way for living in the end.

Now you want to know what is your desire…

It’s a trap. Trap to start questioning, overthinking, and get stuck.

Meanwhile, your desire is anything that you want for any other reason than wanting it.

And you have so, so many desires! Not just one or five. Infinite number.

Cheesecake, a weekend at the beach, starting a business, that huge mansion, private jet, to leave everything now and go for a walk, to…

My 1:1 clients in the intensive program always have the most results from doing this one practice daily, asking themselves what they want and going for it over and over and over.

I don’t let them quit. And text them reminders.

Because it’s so easy to overlook this practice.

You have 2 kinds of desires. Those that seem “far away” like buying that mansion you have no idea how to afford. Then assume it, have an imaginal act, and feel like you have it already. Do that now.

And there are desires that seem like they aren’t desires. Those don’t want you to assume, but to move your 3D ass. I don’t talk about taking action to get something. I mean unwrapping that chocolate you want to eat.

Desires that don’t look like desires are tricky. They hold the power to change your life.

What doesn’t look like a desire? Everything that you can do and get in 3D now because you have everything that it takes. Making yourself a cup of coffee, going to a coffee shop, or for a walk, or buying those perfumes, investing in that coach, texting that person.

You’ll have MILLIONS of thoughts about not doing it, because “it’s silly”, because “not now”, because “later”, because “what you do now is more important”, because…

Meanwhile, stepping on a path of following your desires can be everything you need. For what? What can you expect?

1. Effortless adopting I want it = It’s mine mindset

The more you allow yourself to reach for what you want, the more available it gets.

Maybe right now you’re stuck focused on all of those things that seem out of your reach in 3D.

The joke: there will be always things seemingly outside of your reach. Bringing them into your 3D is the point of manifesting.

The more you deny yourself getting the coffee you crave (because you already had one), taking a decent break, (because work is so important), texting him, (because he should text first), booking that weekend getaway (why spend money on something like this? when you can stay at home and watch Netflix) and so on.

The more you do this, the more you put yourself last, and keep every good thing “for later”, the harder manifesting your big desires seems.

The more you keep getting and giving to yourself and using what you already have, the easier is for you to receive more.

2. Being deeply grateful

The previous post wasn’t about being grateful for what you already have. It was about LIVING.

You can be so grateful for your grandma’s diamonds but never wear them.

Skip writing owning them on your gratefulness list and start wearing them.

If you will be wearing your diamonds there’s a chance you’ll get a matching earring.

But following your desires will make you truly grateful. Not “forced thankful”.

I spend YEARS pretending to be grateful for things, people, and situations I didn’t like.

At the same time, I was watching others get what I truly wanted. Life seemed so unfair then!

Here I am now, watching light dots dancing on my walls. In the apartment I manifested. I drink my favorite coffee. Making money in my dream business. There’s no other place I would like to be now. But I know that on Wednesday I take 2 days off and go to the sea. – here I am truly, deeply grateful

3. Being happier and more alive than anyone you know

You LIVE, here and now, you do things you want, manifest with ease, and you’re present and ALIVE AF.

(That will be the name of my next program btw. But now enrollment’s still open for POWERFUL AF!)

You want that house, that car, to marry that SP. So how you can enjoy your life without all those things?

The thing with putting some of your desires on the pedestal isn’t that they are on the pedestal.

It’s that others get ignored. You struggle because by making one desire so important you diminish your other desires. And say “no” to aliveness.

Enjoying pasta today doesn’t mean you won’t get rice tomorrow.

4. You understand who you truly are and what you want to enjoy in this 3D body.

No more chasing fixes, middles, or trying hard to please others.

No more affirming “I’m God, I’m God” while feeling that’s BS.

5. You step on the shortest bridges to you your biggest desires.

All your desires are connected. And fulfilling one desire is often a bridge to another one.

You want to go to that cafe, and… you meet your soulmate there.

You want a chocolate bar, and… inside of the package it says you won your dream trip.

Let’s talk WINS!

Following the desires and going where they lead is my favorite “manifesting practice” that already became something I automatically do.

I ask myself what I want. And why and what for I want that. And when I know the desire is pure = I don’t want that thing to get anything else, but just because I want this, I go for this.

Even if that seems silly and even when people dissuade me.

And often, usually, even if my answer from the inside was “I want this for this thing only” in practice it was a short bridge to something way greater.

Persisting on this path of going for the things I want and enjoying my life put me to becoming a manifestation coach. It all started with me sooo wanting to have a blog to share how I practice manifestation and my results.

Reconciled me with my best childhood friend. It started with the curiosity to call her after a few years of no contact.

Took my light insomnia away by making me hyped about weighted blankets.

And more. And on a daily basis, it keeps me feeling alive and satisfied.

Cool Koti, but what can following my desires do for me? I just want to manifest my one big desire and nothing else!

So first, it will help you take that desire off the pedestal, so it will be so much easier to manifest that!

Second, it may put you on a bridge:

Like Nicole, who felt like taking writing classes and decided to change her career and become a copywriter.

Like Anna, who wanted to “only” take a walk on a beautiful, sunny day, and ended up crossing her neighbor’s house at best possible time. They were about to get rid of their living room furniture set.

Like Judith, who let herself discover EYPO in her family. It was the day she decided to make chicken for dinner even if she was the only one wanting chicken.

She still made it, because she wanted it.

And everybody loved it.

That made 6 happy people by satisfying her one craving.

If discovering that you truly will hurt/ disappoint no one when going for your desire is not I win, then what is?