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Every day wins. Why they’re worth your imagining + a couple of my latest examples.

Everyday wins are something we all already have every day. It’s because living is manifesting, we are always imagining, we are always in some states and we are constantly winning – getting in life exactly what we are imagining. That’s always the first thing to notice.

The goal is to make the manifesting process conscious and pure fun.
Daily wins seem to be or a way of life or just a „small wins”. And I know why is so. As long as we have big hunger not satisfied as long „small wins” will stay just small wins for us. That’s why don’t wait, don’t start small with this stuff and assume your biggest dream as real now. Literally. Stop reading for a couple of minutes, do your session, and then come back to reading this article.

Why giving life to everyday stuff is worth your time?

Details matter and small pleasures make our lives better and nicer. At least mine. Favorite coffee in a beautiful cup. Great discount for shopping. Parking spot close to the entrance. New music that moves. No traffic, and so on. Everyday wins are about life being nicer and easier, about small pleasures and facilitations. Also about noticing that we are imagining day, noon, and night, we are constantly assuming something. And we are constantly winning, constantly getting exactly what we assumed as true – we just need to notice it. And start imagining more of what we actually want for real.

Do you want to have every day wins? Great! Start noticing when you are feeling things real during the day, its not only your sessions that matters, but the total sum of your imagining during the day. Pay attention to that. Revise and assume what you want on the spot. That’s the ultimate way for two things – getting rid of any doubts that it does work and for living the life you want.

Twenty Twenty says „put more buns in the oven”. That’s it. Here are some of my mine as examples. All of them are seemingly „nothing special”. Everyday stuff that if not true – would take much joy out of my days.

Carrot cake

I learned to bake a carrot cake. I was never doing it before as it was totally unknown when I was growing up and later also not so much. I knew it existed, but never really even tried. And come on carrot cake?! Make out of carrots? I mean veggies? That didn’t sound yummy to me. But some time ago a friend visited me bringing some from the bakery. It was good, so I decided that I want more. I did a session in which I enjoyed a big piece of a delicious carrot cake. I wasn’t bothered with „how” at all. It could be more cake from her, or me buying it on the bakery or me baking it. I didn’t care. A few days later I baked it. One evening I felt a huge urge to do it at the very moment. I dressed, went to the store to get ingredients, and baked. (Bu the way, I used a recipe from Jadłonomia). It came out delicious.

Vanilla Tea

Vanilla green tea. I wouldn’t ever buy it for myself as I thought these two flavors don’t combine nicely. But they do. I bought myself a pack of black tea with natural vanilla seeds when I was in France, and unfortunately, it’s already over. But a friend of mine bought me some green tea with vanilla. Just like that. Why? I guess only because I have imagined it.


And this particular one made me laugh for a whole day. I moved recently to another part of the city. In my former location, I had a good pet store just next to the train station I was taking every day. Already in my new location, one morning while feeding my cat I was wondering where can I buy a good quality, no-grain cat food in this area. And for that I imagined buying it. In my imagination, I was in the old store, the one next to the train station. And then, on my way to work, I noticed something… There’s a huge pet store just … next to the train station, I’m using it every day. Just like in my last place. Different company, but they do provide the same food I was using before. The store is really big and it’s really just next to the station. And I was around 2 times per day, many times before I saw it. How is it possible? I don’t know, but I totally think I have manifested this building there.


One of my favorite ones. Discounts for what I need exactly when I want to buy it. Today it was champinions and peaches 50% off.

And many more. Right now when I started thinking about it I see how many of those wins I do really have all the time! Free orchids, a new relationship of my close friend, silk pillowcases, new job situation – all the things I have successfully imagined. And more.

And really, don’t make manifesting about „big dreams” only. Keep giving life to your small wishes and current hungers and make your life way more pleasant.