Koti Tea – manifestation coach

I Remember When – Neville’s escape from the reality tool.

My former best trouble maker ever – I Remember When. It’s in Twenty Twenty’s toolbox. It’s popular. It seems to be well explained, only Twenty has multiple videos on that. And still, I wasn’t getting it for so long!

In fact (FUNct?) I remember when is the easiest and quickest from all Neville’s techniques. It seemed hard for me because I was overcomplicating, like many of you still do. Stop. It’s really so easy.

And yeah, Feeling It Real session can take only 2 seconds, I remember when doesn’t need even that. It’s something to do on the spot. No scene needed.

“You can say: ‘I remember when she was healthy’, which could imply she is now ill, or ‘I remember when they were unknown’, implying they are now famous. So you see what power was in that revelation. It’s entirely up to you how you use your imagination, but the operation of your creative power is completely up to you.” Neville Goddard

It’s not the words. It’s not about walking around and repeating “I remember when”, “I remember when” … It could imply that you’re a grumpy old folk, who misses the old good times when everything was better 🙂
No, saying anything doesn’t make anything. It’s not the words. If words which have power magic like “abracadabra” would exist – we say something and it happends – our world would look like diffrently. If words have power Neville would teach affirmatons. If words have power there would be no lies and no need to ever repeat anything. If words have power there would be no languages but one. Bo jeśli moc jest w sławach – przekazywana za pomocą słów to ona by działa bez wzglęgu na użyty język. A tak chyba nie jest, skoro albo mnie teraz nie rozumiesz, albo rozumiesz wiedząc, że jesteś tu wyjątkiem 😛 Words are only carriers of the meaning.

So I Remember When is not about saying anything. It’s SUPRISE about feeling. Neville’s techniques can be endlessly multiplied (some talk about the ladder, mirror, ring, etc) and at the same time reduced to one – ASSUME THAT WHAT YOU WANT IS ALREADY AN ACCOMPLISHED FAKT.
No difference with I remember when. It’s about feeling that your wish is done while being confronted with the opposite. Feeling that presence is already a past while still being in that presence.

Sounds cool, so how to do that?

Imagine (I mean like a kid) that you’re a time traveler. And you traveled to yesterday’s morning when you just waked up. Do you know what will you eat for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner? Yes. Why? Because you already did. Technically you’re still hungry, but you know what you have eaten.
Imagine you time-traveled to 5 years ago. Do you know how your life will continue? Yes, because it’s done, you already lived that. You don’t fight with what IS you know for sure what will be because in a higher way it also already IS. It is done.

And for using I remember when as Neville teaches, you need to be like Marty at the end of the movie. You have traveled to the future so you already KNOW 100% what will happen.
You know that your current experience it’s already past because you know that your chosen future is a done deal.

If you believe/ used to belie in physics (a former tarot reader here) after every reading that’s what you were doing – using I remember when.
Like when you were convinced he will propose. – You were using I remember when.
Like when you were convinced you will buy a toilet paper – you were using I remember when.
Like when you were convinced your business will be a disaster – you were using I remember when.
Like every time you had an “intuition” about something – you were using I remember when.
If you did your session and you felt your desire as real and now you are keeping your state – yes – you are using I remember when.

Basic Neville Goddard techniques aren’t made up, arent anything extraordinary. They are all about mimicking how our minds naturally function. A Person who has never heard about Neville Goddard is constantly using his techniques without even knowing it.