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How to manifest a Specific Person? Proved method.

So you want to manifest your SP. What to do? Assume that he/ she loves you and you are together? Will that work?

No. It won’t. Really. Seriously won’t.

Because what manifests is your state, not you as much. And a state is who / what are you. So YOU need to be in a state and YOU need to stay faithful to it.

The state is WHO/ WHAT AM I – so it clearly can’t be “someone loves me”. Where’s the I am in that? There’s any.

In other words, there needs to be the inner change in you, how you see the world, how you feel. Your assumption about you. IT’S REQUIRED.

So if you assume he /she is in love with you… it’s about him/ her, not about you. And I’m 100% sure you’re not gonna stay in that assumption. Because it’s not about you, there’s no inner shift in you and no satisfaction.

And according to Neville, and proved by my practice, satisfaction / inner relief is essential. It gives the conviction “it’s done”. You need to feel that you became who you want to be. And you can’t be “he loves me”. It’s not a puppet show

So if you make it about him or her – you gonna struggle. Notice how many people struggle and suffer from manifesting SPs for months, years sometimes… And how many of those stories end with “I manifested her/ him (back) and she/he left”.
Notice it.

How to manifest a specific person for love? – listen to the podcast

What do you want?

What do you want with him/ her? Happy, fulfilling relationship that lasts? Assume that. Assume that you’re in the best relationship you’ve ever been in, that it’s amazing and you’re loved.
Don’t assume being in a relationship with him or her unless you want to get crazy.
Assume the qualities of the relationship you expect to have with that person. And your specific person will respond. Yes, there’s a chance that it’s gonna be a different specific person that you now have in mind. But there for sure will be a person, specific, yours and loving. And you gonna be happy together.

And if you want to say now that you don’t want to be happy, you want only this one person and you’re ready to be miserable with him/her for the rest of your life…
Then notice!!! It’s already manifested! You are already miserable with that person! You have a success story!

If you don’t like that win, then don’t accept it. Assume YOU are fulfilled, an amazing partner. He/ she will respond. Focus on yourself, not anyone else. (And if he/ she is you pushed out, then logically focus on the pusher not what’s pushed. Logical, right?)