Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Law of assumption’s DO’s and DON’Ts to manifest your dream home

DO’s and DONT’s that can help you manifest your dream home faster.

There are NO more and less powerful techniques on their own. There are only ones that are and aren’t effective to YOU due to your memorizing style and dominant sense. You need to use these in your manifesting to get consistent results.

Still overlooked is that conscious manifestation is the art of knowing yourself. If you struggle with seeing things in your imagination do not google how to improve your visualizations, but in your scenes engage the sense that’s the most active in your imagination.

DO to manifest your dream home: Know exactly what it is that you want, not in 3D features, but feeling.

I see this a lot, people struggling with manifestation because they confuse their desire with the idea of a manifestation. Your desire is your WHY you want to manifest something.

ex, you live in a 40 square meters apartment with your husband and you have a kid. So you want to manifest a double-size place in a family-friendly area.
Your desire is a need to have enough space, to stop constantly stepping on toys and working from your couch because the lack of a desk makes your back hurt. Your desire is a desire for space and comfort = this is the energy you want your new home to be made of.

DON’T to manifest your dream home: Go crazy over 3D details.

You don’t have to know in which area your dream home is, what’s the house layout and who’s living next door. Of course, you have preferences, but you don’t have to focus on them too much. Feeling you have your dream home will take care of everything. Your dream home wouldn’t be your dream home if it had no garden, right? Then manifesting from the feeling of living in your dream home will manifest you a garden.

DO to manifest your dream home: Imagine in SATS

SATS is a physiological state that allows you to detach from 3D senses: stop focusing on what you hear, see, smell, taste, or touch in the moment and instead being in SATS helps you immerse into what you experience in your imagination, so whatever is in your scene feels more real.

And feeling your desire as real is the key.

SATS is nothing else than a highly relaxed meditative state. Click here to watch free training on SATS.

DON’T: Don’t affirm

Affirmations are the best technique to… get into doubts and constantly remind yourself that you don’t have what you want.

You say to yourself: I live in a big, spacious apartment with a balcony… and feel like you’re lying to yourself. You say the words, but your senses scream “this is not what we are experiencing!”.

So you doubt and overthink, and google how to think from an end, so you start talking to yourself in your head like you are already living in your dream home. But you don’t feel it, rather, you feel you don’t have what you want.

And because you manifest what you FEEL as your reality = you manifest your offers being outbid, houses being out of your budget, everything slows down…

Go to SATS instead and feel into the imaginal act.

You can learn from me how to manifest your dream home in my “Dream home. How to manifest your place on earth using the law of assumption” masterclass.