Koti Tea – manifestation coach

Easily manifesting what you DON’T want? Here’s how to stop manifesting the unwanted.

Do you keep manifesting unwanted things in your life? You manifest the unwanted things because that’s what you assumed at some point. And the law of assumption always makes your assumptions confirmed in 3D form. You assumed it = you accepted it’s a fact for you and your norm to manifest unwanted things easily. You expect it by now.

hard truth: you did it to yourself = assumed you always manifest the unwanted by hanging around the manifestation community without ever learning how to manifest yourself. So you are aware of what you would like to have, but experience it as not happening.

But don’t panic. You can stop manifesting unwanted things.

a little reminder: you don’t manifest what you want. You also don’t manifest what you need, these 2 are irrelevant when it comes to manifestation.

You manifest what you feel is your reality, what you feel is normal when it comes to you and your manifestation.

example: If you’re always late no matter how much earlier you leave your house, if this frustrates you and makes you hopeless and you feel that “it’s just me, I’m always late” = this is your manifestation. Your assumption that you’re always late makes you always late.

Here your assumption is that you always get what you don’t want. With an assumption like that I bet you experienced many times that even at a restaurant they got your order wrong and you were getting the food you didn’t want. This is the power of assumptions.

Here’s how to stop manifesting the unwanted:

1️⃣ prove it wrong:
take a pen and paper (it’s important to make that physical) and make a list of things that are normal for you, but that are also positive.

Yes, there are things like that in your life, but you’re overlooking them. + They don’t seem a big deal for you, since you are used to having it so much.

This can be your loving partner, health, support from your family, that you’re always on time, or that your dog is the sweetest.

Do this to prove your “I always get what I don’t want” assumption wrong.

2️⃣ revise your assumption to start feeling that you do get what you want. Feel it/ assume it first and let your reality prove it to you.

3️⃣ focus on actively manifesting what you want.

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