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My manifesting apartment success story.

It’s well over a month now since I moved. Physically, in 3D, I moved to a new apartment.

It feels weird, because… it doesn’t feel weird at all. Although it’s totally new and so many things are totally new for me. (Double “totally” here, but WOW!”). But it doesn’t feel so new. Because I was imagining it for a while. 

One of the “side efects” of manifesting with the law of assumption principles is not getting a heart attack or experiencing a HUGE self-sabotage turn-on when desire manifests. It’s more like “yep, I knew it”. But this matter needs its own article.

The first time came to where I live now it was a mind-blowing moment. Because I was picturing this apartment in my imaginary scenes for at least a few months. I have manifested this exact place I pictured in my mind.

Manifesting specifics vs making it about you

It wasn’t a specific place manifesting. I learned from myself and didn’t do the same mistake twice. Then I first visited an apartment and then decided to manifest living in it. There were several obstacles along the way that I overcame. The main was the landlord not agreeing to the cat. Of course, because I persisted he ended up not only agreeing, but gifting us a cat tree.

BUT… I didn’t enjoy living there that much. And soon after moving in… yes, I started desiring to move once again. 

It was because I did not make it about myself. You probably heard about this rule to manifestation. You’re breaking it whenever you focus on getting that specific thing. That specific manifestation. 

And the consequences are HUGE. I mean time to waste and anticlimax. Because this way you get what you thought you wanted, but not necessarily what you really wanted.

I learned it the hard way. Getting specific things is so much fun when we’re starting this manifesting journey. But in a long run…

Manifesting by pointing out on specific thing is like ordering food in a foreign restaurant by the name you like. You’ll get what you ordered, but the question is “will you like it?”. 

Manifesting by the feeling is like ordering food by how it tastes.

Manifesting by feeling is making it about you. You being who you desire to be and you experiencing in life what you want to experience.

So this time I made it all about me, to get exactly what I wanted. 

And I wanted a home. A place to love living in. Comfortable, spacious, and full of life. 

I was imagining falling asleep knowing I’m home. Or looking through the window and seeing the space around. And I experienced exactly that scene mirrored in 3D when I first came to take a look.

And by focusing on the feeling I got all those 3D specifics I wanted and beyond.

And there’s a room entirely for my office.

And it’s high, I always wanted to live on the top floor somewhere.

And there’s a balcony.

And it’s the city center.

Those were my 3D requirements. 

I moved “quite” far from where I used to live. And for the first time ever I live completely alone, only me, my plants, and 2 cats. And I LOVE IT!

10th floor with a scenic view of the city center. Wide windowsills to fit my plants’ collection. And one of my best and the craziest friend lives 5 minutes walk from me.

Enough bragging. 

How you can manifest your home?

Start by asking yourself how do you want to feel there? How do you want your home to feel to you? What’s important to you?

How does home feel to you? You might not be able to describe it in words, but for sure you are able to feel into it.

And when you do it, when you’re feeling into it, what scene/image pops up in your head? That one is your perfect imaginary scene. No need to further looking. 

And then comes the most important part. Staying in that end.

How to live in the end?

This is the part where I see you doing the most mistakes. To put it shortly, living in the end is holding in your mind the memory of the future. There’s no need to affirm or constantly think about what you want. And for sure, that part is NOT about pretending something that doesn’t happen, has happened. 

If you have a problem living your life, don’t know how to talk with people, or are afraid to talk with people, because they could make you realize you’re delusional = you’re doing it all wrong.

Living in the end isn’t living in the fantasy, but living with the knowing how’s it going to end. Kind of like watching a certain movie type: Is it a horror? So they all gonna die, even if now the sun is shining now. Is it a romantic story? They’ll be together.

That means you not only don’t have to watch YouTube videos made by people to have what you’re manifesting to learn all of those details before you’ll get your manifestation. You don’t have to learn the streets of your new area by memorizing Google Maps. And oh God! I heard from you about the craziest practices!

If you want to learn everything about living in the end, especially on how to do it when you have too many doubts you can manifest what you want, I have a masterclass on this one topic only. Here you can get “Barbados Masterclass”.

Manifesting this flat here took me about 5 months. But it wasn’t like nothing was happening during this time. I almost got 3 different apartments and the first one showed up within days of me starting this process. But in the end, always something “wrong”. But also, if I really wanted, I would settle for any of them. The interesting part is every next flat that was showing up for a better than the previous one. In the meantime, I renovated the flat I lived in.

And finally, here I am.

How can you manifest something you have never experienced before?

There are always things you couldn’t possibly think about. 

Whatever you want, there will be more to it. You can call it consequences. Moving will make you shop and eat in different places. You’ll meet new people.

Getting into a relationship or increasing your income will change your life in ways you can’t possibly predict.

My top 5 with manifesting this flat:

  1. When it’s windy I can feel it here up. The wooden chandelier in my bedroom cracks.
  2. A bigger living space equals less mess. I was thinking it would be the opposite.
  3. Having a bedroom that’s a bedroom improved my sleep like 10000 times. And I don’t have to make my bed. Never. I absolutely hate it. So instead I close the door.
  4. Wondering whenever people can see what I’m doing from outside is out of the question.
  5. I can enjoy watching the sunrise daily. 

So how can you manifest it, when you never had it? Because you can feel it and you can for sure think about one or two things that would change. That’s enough. You’ll discover the rest when it will be there.